Going Green With Secure IM

Secure instant messaging to save the earth from 14.2 billion lbs of CO2 every year

LEDBURY, U.K. -- Widespread adoption of secure instant messaging could reduce carbon emissions in the UK by a staggering 14.2 billion lbs of CO2 - the equivalent to planting 713.5 million new trees annually - according to new research from technology consultants BWCS.

BWCS believes that within three years, 25% of UK office workers will cease their daily commute -opting instead to use technologies such as presence networking to remain in touch with colleagues whilst working from home.

Symon Blomfield, CEO of UK secure Instant Messaging company Presence Networks, explains "Simply by reducing travel by 96 miles per week, the average worker would save the planet from the effects of 4,257 pounds of CO2 a year. This is the equivalent to the amount of carbon which can be neutralized by 207 fully grown trees annually."

Presence Networks Ltd.