Glued to Security

Bet your security strategy doesn't account for this exploit

2:05 PM -- We've heard of criminals breaking in -- and insiders trying to sneak out. But we've never heard of someone breaking in for the express purpose of locking everybody out... until now.

The Associated Press reports that vandals at Carlsbad High School last week sneaked onto school grounds and plugged the locks on all the exterior gates and doors on campus with super-strength glue.

"A teacher who always gets there early called me on my cellphone and said, 'Guess what?'" said Carlsbad High School principal Margaret Stanchi. "But I didn't guess this."

Roughly 100 doors were sealed shut sometime before the first staff arrived at about 6:30 a.m., Stanchi said.

Custodial staff quickly unsealed the lock on a building with 27 classrooms, but the rest of the school's 3,000 students were sent to sit in gym bleachers, enjoying an early Spring Break until their classrooms were opened, one by one.

Surveillance video taken at the school failed to provide any clues to the prankster's identity, Stanchi said.

I wonder if the vandals make house (or office) calls.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading