FaceTime Unveils Greynet Manager

FaceTime announced the immediate availability of Greynet Enterprise Manager (GEM)

LAS VEGAS -- FaceTime Communications, the leading provider of solutions for securing and managing greynets such as instant messaging (IM), peer-to-peer (P2P), and spyware, today announced the immediate availability of Greynet Enterprise Manager (GEM). GEM enables organizations to easily set and manage security policies, and obtain aggregated visibility of IM, P2P and spyware traffic across distributed enterprise environments. GEM complements FaceTime's gateway anti-spyware offering, RTGuardian, to offer the only gateway-to-endpoint anti-spyware solution with targeted remediation - a patent pending feature that performs policy-based remediation on endpoints infected with spyware, adware and other greynet applications without deploying client software.

"With responsibility for over 70,000 distributed faculty and students accessing the Internet for instant messaging services, music and file downloads, and new services such as Skype, it is critical that we have sophisticated controls and reporting," said Jim Daniels, computer operations, West Virginia Department of Education. "The FaceTime solution with GEM allows us to offer new Internet applications for classroom and learning purposes, while keeping the users safe and productive."

"Enterprise customers continue to look for anti-spyware solutions that prevent infections in the first place rather than simply react after an infection takes place," said Matt Anderson, Research Director at The Radicati Group. "FaceTime's spyware prevention solution is unique in that it prevents infections at the gateway, but also allows IT administrators to perform targeted remediation on any endpoint PC without involving or interfering with the user."

FaceTime Communications Inc.