F5 Helps GBI Meet Requirements

F5 Networks announced that the GTA employs F5's FirePass SSL VPN product to ensure GBI meets federal security requirements

SEATTLE -- F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced that the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) employs F5's FirePassR SSL VPN product to ensure its client, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), meets federal security requirements. With FirePass, 8,000 state and local law enforcement employees can readily gain secure remote access to government applications using PCs, from any location.

To meet federal requirements, GBI must provide law enforcement officers with secure access to criminal justice databases from remote locations. Due to the sensitive nature of this data, strong endpoint security capabilities on the remote client are needed to prevent unauthorized or unsecured network connections. Furthermore, state and federal compliance mandates varying levels of data encryption and access control for different agencies and users, requiring highly granular user access policies.

"We deal with very sensitive data that includes driver license and criminal history information," said Bob Grafals, Director of Solutions Development for GTA. "One of our ultimate goals for the GBI project was to keep this data secure while experiencing zero security events. The ability to control who has access to what data and when, with minimal configuration or administration adjustments on our end, is helping us exceed our stringent security requirements in an efficient manner."

F5 Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: FFIV)

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