eSoft Intros ThreatWall

eSoft announces the availability of its new ThreatWall Web Security Gateways

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- eSoft, Inc., a leading vendor of integrated Internet security solutions, announced today the availability of its new ThreatWall Web Security Gateways, a line of hardware-based appliances that provide URL filtering, web content filtering, malware detection, IM/P2P management, web server/browser protection and web application protection to organizations of all sizes.

Where the universe of web security used to hover around simple URL filtering and malware detection, new web-based technologies such as AJAX and Web 2.0, as well as web-enabled applications and the movement to Software as a Service (SaaS), have introduced new and sophisticated threat vectors into the network. Therefore, many of today's existing web security solutions have become ineffective in dealing with these modern application- and web-based threats.

eSoft ThreatWall Web Security Gateways combine web infrastructure and application security, along with the classic functions of URL filtering, malware detection and IM/P2P management, into a single solution. This is enabled by eSoft's proprietary bi-modal scanning technology, which combines proxy-based scanning (providing URL filtering and malware detection) with real-time packet-based scanning (providing web server/browser security, IM/P2P security and application-layer Intrusion Prevention) to generate one of the industry's most powerful web security solutions.

"The ThreatWall WSG gives us group-based policies that match our organizational structure by tying into Microsoft Active Directory," said Michael Dermer, COO, Urology San Antonio P.A. "In addition, we have IM and P2P controls plus protection against browser exploits and other web-based attacks."

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