Endeavor, Lofty Perch Partner

Endeavor Security and Lofty Perch announced a partnership

MCLEAN, Va. -- Endeavor Security Inc., an Early Warning and security Knowledgebase company and Lofty Perch Inc., a global leader in security technology for industrial control and SCADA systems, today announced a partnership. Endeavor Security's flagship technology, the FirstLight Early Warning and Signature Service, will be used to provide real-time attack detection and signature generation for the LoftyPerch security management suite. Endeavor's market leading FirstLight pattern recognition algorithms will be used to recognize previously unseen threats in control system networks and refine the Endeavor global knowledgebase.

"Network security intelligence and warning is at the core of our solutions suite," says Mark Fabro, CEO of Lofty Perch Inc, "Leveraging the Endeavor FirstLight technology and early warning system enhances our ability to protect our client's systems, maintain thought leadership in the control systems community, and continue to deliver the unique security intelligence solutions that is so richly needed in the control systems domain."

"The relationship between Lofty Perch and Endeavor Security represents two strong leaders in their respective fields combining their strengths to address a serious security problem. We have been interested in identifying technology leaders in the control system security space who best suit our FirstLight engines and can leverage our market leading knowledge base. Lofty Perch is the ideal partner for Endeavor," said Christopher Jordan, CEO of Endeavor Security. "There are very few companies today with the depth and experience required to reduce the cyber risk in large-scale industrial systems.

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