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DoJ: Foreign Adversaries Breach US Federal Court Records

A Justice Department official testifies to a House committee that the cyberattack is a "significant concern."

Testimony provided by a Justice Department official to the US House of Representatives late last week has revealed that law enforcement is investigating a cyberattack on the federal courts' record-management system, reportedly launched by three hostile nation-states.

Head of the DoJ's National Security Division Matt Olsen told the committee that the incident, first discovered in March, is a "significant concern," according to Reuters.

While unable to offer more specific information about the nations behind the cyberattack, Olsen added his division is focused on China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea, Reuters said.

"While I can't speak directly to the nature of the ongoing investigation of the type of threats that you've mentioned regarding the effort to compromise public judicial dockets, this is of course a significant concern for us given the nature of the information that's often held by the courts," Olsen said during his testimony.