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Cybersecurity Fears Among Consumers On The Rise

Digital Citizens Alliance poll reveals nearly half of Americans have been victims of cyber fraud.

Cybersecurity worries among US consumers are on the rise, as one in six Americans say they feel they have to be constantly on guard against “someone trying to harm” them online, according to a new study by the Digital Citizens Alliance.

Nearly half have been victims of cyber fraud, and one in three report financial loss -- some more than $1,000.

The survey of 1,215 respondents found that 52% consider the Internet to be less safe today than five years ago, and only 12% believe it is safer. One in five suffered online shopping fraud, while 42% have had their credit card details stolen and used.

Most (71%) want tougher federal and state laws.

“It’s a bad sign when Americans think the internet is becoming less safe, so it’s vital that governmental entities such as the Federal Trade Commission and others ensure that crime does not pay,” says Tom Galvin of Digital Citizens Alliance.

For details of survey, click here.

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