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Cybersecurity Expert Assisting With Bangladesh Bank Heist Probe Goes Missing

A cybersecurity expert was reportedly abducted last week, according to his family, after commenting on an attempted cyberattack of $951 million from Bangladesh’s central bank.

IT security expert Tanvir Hassan Zoha, who was helping police in the investigation of the cyberattack against Bangladesh Central Bank, reportedly has disappeared after meeting police and media.

Zoha's wife Kamrun Nahar, said that in early last Thursday morning, Zoha was blindfolded and picked up from a motorized rickshaw by unknown captors, the Irish Examiner reported yesterday.

Early last month, hackers attempted to rob Bangladesh central bank’s New York Fed account used for international payments. Bangladesh bank governor Atiur Rahman resigned from the post after details emerged on the wire transfer of bank’s money ($81 million) to accounts in Philippines.

Before disappearing, Zoha met the special police force appointed by the central bank. He also addressed media, where he talked about three of the user IDs used for the heist, according to the report. Zoha’s wife blamed police for ignoring her husband’s abduction case, and asked the government for help. Police have yet to comment on the his disappearance.

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