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Coalition to Offer Free Business Email Compromise Workshops

A coalition of federal law enforcement agencies, ISACs, and Symantec will offer BEC workshops in a dozen cities.

Free business email compromise (BEC) workshops will be offered in 12 cities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Secret Service, ISACs and Symantec, the organizations announced Thursday.

The workshops are aimed at describing BEC threats, the current threat landscape, tactics used by BEC cybercriminals, the importance of BEC awareness, and strategies to protect companies against BEC attacks.

Authorities note BEC poses a greater financial threat than ransomware attacks, given its widespread nature in 131 countries and its global exposure of over $5 billion in fraud.

The workshops will be held in Kansas City, Mo.; Nashville, Tenn.; Boston; Seattle; Denver; Dallas; Phoenix; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Kennedy Space Center, Fla.; New York; and Akron, Ohio.

Read more about the BEC workshops here.