CloudShield Stops Attack

CloudShield has helped stop a major DDOS attack aimed at EveryDNS

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- CloudShield Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of IP services control and security solutions, has helped stop a major distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack aimed at EveryDNS, an organization that offers free authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) services to the public with over 100,000 domains hosted today.

EveryDNS first noticed the behavior, which knocked the site offline and affected more than 100,000 customers, on Friday. With the help of DNS experts, including Richard Steenbergen of nLayer Communications, EveryDNS was able to completely stop the attack by Saturday, but the activity resumed on Tuesday. At that time, EveryDNS contacted CloudShield, who responded immediately to help mitigate the attacks on the EveryDNS infrastructure. CloudShield was able to deliver and install an effective working solution within a few hours. The attacks that began Friday had changed and needed deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities to accurately identify and classify the attack versus valid DNS queries. CloudShield was able to mitigate the attacks within minutes of installation.

The other key piece to solving the problem was provided by nLayer Communications, a leading provider of wholesale high-performance Internet capacity, operating an advanced IP/MPLS network spanning North America. nLayer Communications responded to the Denial of Service attack against EveryDNS and quickly filled the company's regular Internet circuits by donating a gigabit/sec of network capacity.

"We were able to leverage our patented techniques in selective DNS mitigation to protect the infrastructure at EveryDNS," said Peder Jungck, CTO and Founder at CloudShield Technologies. "Even though the attacks continue, the impact on the DNS infrastructure is minimized."

CloudShield Technologies Inc.

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