CIOs: ID Management, Authorization Are Key

Need for de-perimeterization solutions gaining ground among global leaders

LONDON -- Jericho Forum, the international IT security thought-leadership group, today released a survey of their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) members, who are collectively responsible for global revenue of more than $875 billion from their Fortune 1000 companies. The members, 64% of whom were European and 29% U.S., 90% from global companies and 73% from companies with more than 10,000 employees, were polled on the encroaching problem of de-perimeterization. The objective of the survey was to understand what would be needed to fight the battle against the perimeter erosion that impacts companies conducting business in an open network environment.

The survey found that approximately half of those polled are currently implementing solutions to de-perimeterization. They cited the combination of safe and nimble collaboration with partners, vendors and others as the key reason to implement strategies. In fact, 75% agreed that implementing strategies to de-perimeterization would enhance a company’s ability to meet its business objectives.

“De-perimeterization is happening -- like it or not. If we wait and let it drive us, we’ll end up with costly, fragmented, band-aid type fixes,” said Paul Simmonds, Global Information Security Director of ICI. “Our only choice is that we do the driving and end up in a place where we want to be. There’s no one solution – no single pill -- that’s why Jericho Forum is bringing together CISOs from global companies to create a strategies blueprint to help IT security teams choose the right long-term solutions for their individual company’s business objectives. ”

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