Centennial Releases 4.5

Centennial Software announced the latest release of the company's award-winning endpoint security software, DeviceWall 4.5

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Centennial Software, a developer of IT security and asset management solutions, today announced the latest release of the company's award-winning endpoint security software, DeviceWall 4.5. Designed to help organizations manage the business risks associated with portable storage devices (iPods, USB memory sticks, PDAs, etc.) on the network, the new release sets the benchmark for device and data security.

New in DeviceWall 4.5 is file access auditing which automatically logs all data being moved between portable devices and the corporate network. In today's mobile business environment, certain employees need the ability to move data to or from the network. File access auditing ensures that system administrators have a historical record of these file movements for future incident investigations.

DeviceWall 4.5 also introduces an enhanced temporary access feature that makes it even easier for administrators to grant time-limited access to specified devices. DeviceWall was the first solution of its kind to allow administrators to grant users temporary access to portable storage devices. DeviceWall 4.5 extends that capability by providing time-restricted access and automated policy deployment thereby increasing control while providing greater flexibility and ease of administration.

"While portable devices pose a significant security threat, they are also an inescapable fixture in today's enterprise," noted Andy Burton, CEO of Centennial Software. "DeviceWall provides a more business-sensible approach to managing these devices, where strength and flexibility go hand in hand. With DeviceWall, you can stop unwanted connections just as effectively as a brute force technique such as gluing USB ports. But unlike the alternative, DeviceWall can discriminate between authorized users and unwanted devices - and permissions can be changed in real-time by administrators. DeviceWall has always best delivered this level of dynamic management, and the new version further widens that competitive gap."

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