Cardiff U Secures UK's Largest WLAN

AirDefense announced its enterprise security product is being deployed by Cardiff University to secure the largest Wireless LAN in the UK

BASINGSTOKE, U.K. -- AirDefense today announced that its enterprise security product is being deployed by Cardiff University to secure the largest Wireless LAN so far built in the UK. The contract to build this network was awarded to RM the leading supplier of ICT to the UK education market. Just like any wired network, a WLAN at requires a comprehensive security solution to guard against intruders and hackers and AirDefense was chosen to defend Cardiff's WLAN after rigorous testing.

The wireless network will cover 66 buildings across three square miles. It will include over 1,300 Access Points and cater for 30,000 students, 5,000 staff and visiting guests. The goals of the University are to ensure maximum wireless coverage by expanding the existing wireless capability for the whole campus and outlying peripheral sites. In addition, it has to help realise the goals of the Modern Working Environment project that is the core of the university's Information Services Strategy for the future. "We want to enhance the wireless networking service as much as possible, to improve the users experience and to ensure the service is as robust, resilient and as secure as possible with the least amount of Man effort for ongoing management." said Anthony Cope IT Manager Cardiff University. The required defenses for a WLAN's are different from a wired network because the vulnerabilities are in the air. The airwaves surrounding the Cardiff WLAN will be constantly monitored by AirDefense Enterprise to ensure the security of the network at the university.

"We are delighted to be working with the IT team at Cardiff University to provide a comprehensive networking solution" Said Brian Andrews of RM. "The complexity of the site means we had to design and build and secure a wireless network for buildings of diverse design and structure that would be world class and fully scalable and provide networking services to wireless devices of varying types".

AirDefense Inc.

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