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Brazilian Police Nab Suspected Member of Lapsus$ Group

Lapsus$ Group became a top target after it breached the Brazilian Ministry of Health, among other targets.

Brazil's Federal Police announced they have arrested a Brazilian man they suspect as being a member of the cybercrime organization Lapsus$ Group. 

The man's arrest this week is the result of what the authorities dubbed "Operation Dark Cloud," launched in August, according to police, following Lapsus$ Group cyberattacks late last year on the Ministry of Health, Ministry of the Economy, Comptroller General of the Union, and the Federal Highway police. 

"The investigations began last December, when the Federal Police became aware that the cloud environment of the Ministry of Health had been attacked," the Federal Police statement said. "At the time, the attackers deleted files, data and instances from the attacked folder, even leading to the compromise of the website (, responsible for the National Vaccination Certificate." 

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