Bluefire Adds Mobile Security

Bluefire announced the release of the Bluefire Mobile Security Enterprise Edition version 4.0

BALTIMORE -- Bluefire today announced the release of the Bluefire Mobile Security Enterprise Edition version 4.0. This advanced version of the leading mobile security solution will be released in January 2007.

New enhancements include:

  • Latest smartphone support. Bluefire's Enterprise Edition was designed

    to offer full support for Microsoft's Windows Mobile (WM) 5.0

    Smartphone OS devices, including the MOTO Q, T-Mobile SDA, T-Mobile

    Dash, and the Samsung Blackjack.

  • Flexibility. Bluefire developed version 4.0 keeping in mind that

    organizations have different policies and standards from one another.

    Version 4.0 allows IT administrators the flexibility to customize the

    software to fit their specific needs.

    -- Policy control of Bluetooth, infrared, speakers, cameras, and


    -- In-bound and out-bound firewall filtering

    -- Advanced device authentication including inactivity timeout

    controllable by policy

  • Enhanced user experience. Version 4.0 was developed to be more user

    friendly for administrators and end users.

    -- An enhanced device user-interface makes it easier for users

    navigate the software's utilities

    -- An updated Enterprise Manager user-interface allows

    administrators easier creation of firewall rules and deployment

    of security packages

  • Large Scale Deployments. The Enterprise Edition version 4.0 is now

    even more customized to meet the needs of large organizations with the

    addition of two new features.

    -- Secure key recovery for data residing on SD cards

    -- Support for remote SQL instances assists large organizations in

    leveraging their existing data centers

Bluefire developed this new release with existing and potential customers' needs and wants in mind. "Not only is the use of smartphones rapidly increasing, but the use of data intensive web downloads on smartphones -- including music and video -- is becoming more prevalent as well," said Bluefire's CEO, Mark Komisky. "Bluefire's Enterprise Edition version 4.0 offers mobile corporate users and consumers a complete security solution, and the confidence that their mobile data will be protected anytime, anywhere."

Bluefire Security Technologies Inc.

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