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Bed Bath & Beyond Discloses Data Breach to SEC

The retailer reported that an employee fell for a phishing scam, allowing malicious actors to access shared drives.

Bed Bath & Beyond is registering additional shares of stock, and tucked several paragraphs down in its Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing is an "additional disclosure" — confirming that the company was breached in October. 

The company said that one of its employees was tricked by a phishing scam and handed over access to their own hard drive as well as company shared drives. Besides the fact that the breach happened, the retailer offered few additional details, including how many people might be affected and what information was exposed.

"The Company is reviewing the accessed data to determine whether these drives contain any sensitive and/or personally identifiable information," the SEC filing said. "At this time, the Company has no reason to believe that any such sensitive or personally identifiable information was accessed or that this event would be likely to have a material impact on the Company."

Expect more details to emerge on this one.