Astaro Provides VPN Option for iPhone

Astaro turns Apple iPhone into business tool

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- Astaro Corporation ( ), a leader in delivering unified threat management (UTM) security appliances, today announced that iPhone users can now use two varieties of road warrior virtual private network (VPN) inherent in all Astaro Security Gateway appliances to safely and securely connect their iPhone to their home and business networks.

iPhone users can easily access email and internal sites protected behind any Astaro Security Gateway security appliance. Whether traveling offsite or working from the road, users will no longer have to open their laptop in order to access company or home network resources. Astaro’s VPN capabilities have allowed iPhone users to work as if they are inside their network, even when they are not.

Set up and configuration is easy requiring as little as five clicks to create VPN access on the Astaro side. The Astaro Security Gateway offers four different levels of road warrior VPN; SSL, IPSec, L2TP over IPSec, and PPTP. The Apple iPhone is compatible with two of these, (L2TP over IPSec and PPTP) offering users a choice in which VPN access to use.

Astaro’s product offering is available commercially as a software ISO, hardware appliance or virtual appliance and provides the flexibility to meet any deployment scenario. Astaro also offers a noncommercial, free, home user software license available for download on their website, . The home user license uses the same software as the commercial license, includes all subscriptions, and offers protection to ten IP addresses.

“As an Apple iPhone user myself, we have made it extremely easy to access networks protected by Astaro Security Gateway” said Gert Hansen, Chief Security Architect and co-founder of Astaro. “It’s a great feeling to provide everyone with an Apple iPhone the ability to connect to their networks for free.” Hansen continued “Astaro’s VPN compatibility makes the iPhone more than just a cool new gadget to show off. It turns the iPhone into a real business tool, albeit a very stylish one.”

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