Anchiva Threat Database Hits 1M Signatures

Enterprise Web security provider continues to deliver most complete and fastest growing set of malware signatures

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Anchiva Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Web security appliances for the enterprise, today announced its research lab, Rapid RxLabs, has achieved the milestone of growing its threat protection database to 1,000,000 signatures to detect and prevent malware from entering enterprise networks. Anchiva has a network of “global honeypots” and web crawlers, which collect viruses and a range of malware that are continuously monitored enabling daily multiple updates to the signature base, providing its customers with the most complete web security threat response available on the market today.

News of Web-borne malware threats is increasing daily and the consequences of being infected with the newest threats are devastating. According to a recent news article, Adobe’s Reader may be subject to a security hole that creates a means for hackers to take over vulnerable Windows boxes simply by opening a maliciously constructed PDF document. Users are still enticed to click on URLs in websites, e-mails, and IMs, believing they are on trusted sites only to find themselves infected with malware. To keep networks, individual computers, and personal identities safe, Web-borne threats need to be identified and addressed quickly. Anchiva’s continuous monitoring of web traffic and timely signature updates allows Anchiva to stay ahead of these web delivered attacks.

Anchiva’s Web Security Appliances have the ability to store more than one million malware signatures for long lasting protection against spyware and other malware with long lifecycles. Developed around Anchiva’s RapidRX ASIC high-speed data inspection engine and patent-pending malware identification techniques, Anchiva’s architecture scales to near gigabit rates and ensures Internet traffic flowing in and out of corporate networks is secure, without impacting performance. Designed for enterprise organizations and service providers, Anchiva’s Web Security Appliances deliver a distinctive solution that scans the volumes of inbound and outbound messages passing through network infrastructures to ensure business applications continue running as usual.

With the increase in Web 2.0 applications and technologies in the enterprise, and the potential financial rewards hackers can gain, enterprises are looking to protect their networks at both inbound and outbound entry points. Security solutions available today need to have in-depth, application-centric, scanning and filtering capabilities to protect vital data. Anti-virus and anti-spyware signatures need to be updated constantly to protect companies against all threats while maintaining the pace of business. Having a security solution that addresses a complete range of security threats as well as performance needs is crucial to mission-critical, optimal business operations. Anchiva not only addresses these issues and threats, but does so at nearly 3 times faster than traditional software solutions and has a comprehensive signature database that is updated numerous times daily with the latest malware signatures.

Anchiva RapidRX Labs is one of the leading malware, anti-virus and vulnerability research organizations in the world, engaging the world's top researchers around the world. Anchiva RapidRX Labs combines world-class malicious code and anti-virus research with intrusion prevention and vulnerability expertise.

“Our threat database has grown at a very rapid pace over the last two months, indicating that Web-borne malware threats are growing exponentially,” said Samuel Chen, Chief Technology Officer of Anchiva Systems. “Our Rapid RX labs is continuously finding new and emerging threats while protecting from older threats that still infect the networks.”

Anchiva Systems Inc.