Anchiva Announces Program

Anchiva Systems announced its sales program for value added solution providers in North America

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Anchiva Systems, a manufacturer of Internet gateway content inspection systems using patent-pending ASIC technology delivering performance levels 5x faster than the industry’s standard, announced today its sales program for value added solution providers in North America. Anchiva Systems is actively recruiting new partners to join its no-conflict sales program, designed to increase partner profitability while offering strong pre-sales, marketing, and technical support. Anchiva’s next-generation architecture provides solution providers a complete and cost-effective content security solution that protects all traffic at the Internet gateway for the industry’s fastest growing security market segment.

Driven by financial gain, cyber attacks have become increasingly stealthy and complex, and aim to remove confidential corporate data, hijack corporate web sites or command employee computers for fraudulent purposes. Hybrid attacks or threats that use multiple approaches, such as spam embedded with spyware or a phishing exploit that leads to a spyware download, is becoming the norm. Anchiva’s advanced technology that scans for multiple types of malware in a single pass is a strategic approach for guarding against hybrid attacks. The business opportunity for value added solution providers is significant. Industry analyst firm IDC estimated the secured content management market at $6.1 billion in 2005, and they expect it to reach $11 billion by 2010.

“The gateway creates a natural centralized security point because all Internet traffic enters and leaves the network there,” said Howard Podgurski, President, DocuTech. “For customers who want to simplify the management of their security devices, Anchiva’s network appliance provides in-depth protection for all types of malware. In addition,

Anchiva Systems’ advanced hardware acceleration technology generates significant processing power to scan the thousands of malware signatures needed to protect the enterprise.”

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