AirTran Airways Adds Tool for PCI

AirTran Airways uses Lancope's StealthWatch Network Behavior Analysis System to help demonstrate PCI compliance

ATLANTA -- Lancope, Inc., the provider of the StealthWatch™ System, the most widely used Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) and response solution, today announced that AirTran Airways (NYSE:AAI) deployed StealthWatch, which leverages Cisco IOS NetFlow from the organization’s network infrastructure, to cost-effectively improve security and network management across the enterprise in accordance with Payment Card Industry (PCI ) requirements. For AirTran as well as hundreds of enterprise customers, StealthWatch unifies network performance monitoring and behavior-based anomaly detection to deliver end-to-end network visibility and faster problem resolution.

As part of its PCI compliance initiatives, AirTran required greater network visibility and behavioral intrusion detection. Immediately upon deployment, StealthWatch provided continuous network monitoring to help AirTran demonstrate network-wide PCI by:

  • supplying real-time visibility and awareness of network and host-based behaviors,
  • increasing accountability for introducing network security risks as well as jeopardizing network availability, and
  • tracking, measuring and prioritizing network and host-based risk.

By utilizing Cisco IOS NetFlow, StealthWatch efficiently aggregates high-speed network behavior data from multiple segments of AirTran’s geographically dispersed network. This scalable, cost-effective approach provides AirTran with in-depth network behavior information beyond what is available from SNMP tools alone. AirTran also uses the StealthWatch ID-1000 appliance to see direct links between individual users and specific network events.

“StealthWatch performed so well during our evaluation that we did not pursue trials with any other NBA products,” said Michelle Stewart, manager of data security for AirTran Airways. “During testing, StealthWatch demonstrated the ability to detect unauthorized remote access, worm activity and root cause analysis of increases in WAN activity. All of these functions have aided our efforts to demonstrate compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.”

Lancope Inc.

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