AirTight Gets Patent

United States patent office awards second AirTight patent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- AirTight Networks, the leading provider of wireless intrusion prevention solutions, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded a second patent No. 7,154,874 to AirTight in the area of wireless intrusion prevention technology. This second patent is a continuation of AirTight's first patent and extends the scope of AirTight's WIPS intellectual property.

This second patent was issued today despite an attempt by AirDefense to involve the patent in the interference proceedings presently pending between AirTight and Air Defense in the USPTO. Air Defense's proposed motion to involve the patent in the interference was rejected by the USPTO patent judge responsible for the interference.

"AirTight's second patent builds on the fundamental building blocks of an effective WIPS," said Dr. Hemant Chaskar, director of technology at AirTight Networks. "With two core patents in hands, AirTight has acquired IP ownership of key WIPS building blocks, namely, -predictive planning for WLAN security exposure analysis -detecting and correctly classifying wireless threats - to catch all threats, while minimizing false alarms -automatically preventing (multiple, simultaneous) wireless threats - while continuing to scan for new ones -accurately locating the wireless threats on a floor map - so they can be removed."

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