AirTight Announces 4.0

AirTight announced Release 4.0 of its SpectraGuard Planner wireless LAN and security planning tool

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- AirTight Networks™, the leading provider of wireless intrusion prevention solutions, today announced Release 4.0 of its SpectraGuard® Planner wireless LAN and security planning tool. SpectraGuard Planner 4.0 includes enhancements and updates to plan for the latest generation of WLAN equipment, as well as technical improvements to increase the accuracy and speed of its predictive modeling. In addition, AirTight's industry-leading WiFi Planning Services will take advantage of the new capabilities in SpectraGuard Planner 4.0 to offer more customized and more accurate services than ever before.

Any enterprise that wants to deploy wireless has to answer two questions:

- where to place the wireless APs - to provide the required coverage, and

- where to place wireless security sensors - to detect, stop, and locate wireless threats, intruders and rogue APs.

Solutions to this problem include: in-person site surveys, dense AP placement, or wireless planning tools. In-person surveys can provide highly accurate results, but are time-consuming and expensive - both for the personnel time involved and also because they result in placing and then moving APs or sensors with each iteration of the survey. Dense AP placement can provide adequate coverage, but requires more capital expenditure (for more APs), and can still result in channel interference and other performance problems - and does not address the need for wireless security coverage planning. Wireless planning tools provide a predictive planning capability at a lower cost than either site surveys or dense AP placement.

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