6 Examples of the Evolution of a Scam Site

Examining some key examples of recently found fraud sites that target the lucrative retail shoe industry helps us understand how brand impersonation sites evolve.
Photo of woman typing on laptop in the background while a yellow caution sign in the foreground warns of fraud
A layout of sample website layouts with stock images and sample text for fashion and beauty e-commerce sites
Screenshot of the first stage of a scam website; it uses one of the templates
A scam website that imitates exactly the black-and-white graphic brand look of running shoe brand inov-8
Generic scam website with product images and descriptions from the shoe brand Vans
Scam website imitates the UK Vans website content and look; only the domain name is off
Scam website imitating the Vans shoe brand, only with the text in Arabic
Scam website advertising Joya brand shoes, with a blocky black-on-yellow logo instead of Joya's swoopy black one
Scam website fully impersonating the Swiss version of the Vans shoe brand
Scam website imitating Hey Dude shoe brand, but leaving out the correct logo and rainbow stripe
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