21 Biggest Cybercriminal Busts Of 2016

This year has been a tornado of major cyberattacks and hacker arrests. Here, we look back on the 21 most interesting 'cyberbusts' of 2016.
First Hacker Arrested for Cyber-Terror Arrives In Court, Gets 20 Years
Man Admits To Laundering $19.6M In Hacking, Telecom Fraud Scam
Hospital Hacktivist Arrested In Miami After Failed Escape Attempt
DOJ Charges 3 Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Hackers
DOJ Indicts 7 Iranian Hackers For Attacks On US Banks And NY Dam
9 Years Prison, $1.7 Million Fine For Malicious Insider
SpyEye Creators Sentenced To Long Prison Terms
Ukranian Pleads Guilty To Stealing Press Releases For Insider Trading
BEC Scam Mastermind Arrested By Interpol
Chinese Hacker Gets US Prison Term For Military Data Theft
White-Hat Hacking Group Founder Arrested In China
Four Years In Jail For Man Charged In Romney Tax Return And Hack Scheme
Russian Hacker Convicted of 38 Counts Related To PoS Hack Scheme
Israeli Teenagers Held For Allegedly Running Hacking Service
Two teenagers Arrested For Alleged Cyberattack-For-Hire Services
Guccifer Sent Back To Romanian Prison
NSA Contractor Over 20 Years Stole More Than 50 Terabytes of Government Data
NullCrew Hacker Gets 45-Month Jail Term
178 Arrested In Money Mule Crackdown
Russian Authorities Make Arrests In Wake Of Central Bank Cyberattack
American Hacker Arrested For 2014 JP Morgan Chase Breach

This year has been a major wake-up call to security pros as cyberattacks grew larger and more dangerous. Now, hackers are learning their actions come with hefty consequences. Cybercriminals are starting to spend more time in the courtroom -- and behind bars -- as law enforcement cracks down on crime.

Officials recently arrested five more people in connection with the Avalanche botnet, which came crashing down in an international takedown operation. Since 2009, Avalanche had been used for money muling schemes, malware spread, and communication among botnets. In early December, the botnet met its end in the "largest-ever use of sinkholing to combat botnet infrastructures," as stated by Europol. Officials arrested five people, and seized, sinkholed, or blocked 800,000 domains, as part of the takedown.

The Avalanche botnet crash was among the largest security events of 2016, a year of news stories on major cyberattacks and the arrests of individuals and groups behind them. Many hackers were arrested and/or sentenced for crimes conducted in 2016 and years prior.

We're hoping for some more positive headlines in 2017. In the meantime, we take a look back on some of the biggest and most interesting security busts of this year.

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