10 Funny Twitter Feeds For Security Geeks

These must-follow Twitter feeds offer plenty of cybersecurity humor to keep infosec pros giggling even when the attacks keep coming.
SecuriTay: @swiftonsecurity
Threatbutt: @threatbutt
NSA public relations: @NSA_PR
Security Humor: @securityhumor
Internet of Shit: @internetofshit
Cyber Freud: @Freudcyber
InfosecNietzsche: @nihilsec Who understands the unholy mixture of alienation and power present in information security work b
Info Security Jerk: @infosecjerk
Shit Infosec Says: @infosecsays

Let’s face it—information security isn’t inherently the most humorous field in the world. While the subject matter might elicit more laughs than something like periodontal dentistry, odds are it wasn’t the potential yuks that drew you to the profession. But like paramedics, morticians, and other professionals used to dealing with traumatic situations, infosec pros tend to be a pretty funny bunch of folks--even if the humor runs a little black.

Because in spite of the frustration and long hours, there’s a lot that is really hilarious about security, as long as you look at it in the right way. We’ve rounded up ten of the funniest security-related Twitter accounts that do just that. Their posts range from the daily face palm variety all the way up to some pretty strange high-concept stuff. Either way, it'll help you keep your sanity intact through some healthy exercise of the funny bone. 

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