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$13 Million Stolen From Japan ATMs Via Stolen S. African Bank Data

Coordinated fraudsters hit ATMs at 1,400 Japanese 7-Eleven stores -- before lunch.

In less than three hours, a coordinated group of fraudsters stole 1.4 billion yen (about $12.8 million), by simply strolling into 7-Eleven and withdrawing those stacks of cash from the ATM. 

The fraudsters reportedly used fake credit cards that were created using stolen data on roughly 1,600 account holders from Standard Bank in South Africa. 

Police believe over 100 money mules might have been involved in the withdrawals, which took place the morning of May 15. Approximately 14,000 withdrawals were made -- each the maximum amount of 100,000 yen ( ~$913 US) -- from about 1,400 machines in Tokyo and 16 prefectures in Japan. 7-Eleven stores were hit presumably because they accept foreign credit cards, while many ATMs do not. 

Standard Bank says its own losses add up to approximately $19.25 million. See more at BBC and The Mainichi.


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