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A Hacker's Playlist
Feature  |  9/18/2020  | 
Nine security researchers share their favorite songs and genres.
Don't Fall for It! Defending Against Deepfakes
Feature  |  9/17/2020  | 
Detecting doctored media has become tricky -- and risky -- business. Here's how organizations can better protect themselves from fake video, audio, and other forms of content.
h2c Smuggling: A New 'Devastating' Kind of HTTP Request
Feature  |  9/16/2020  | 
The newly discovered form of HTTP request smuggling could have widespread impact because any proxy can be affected, researchers say. Here's what infosec pros should know.
How IT Security Organizations are Attacking the Cybersecurity Problem
Feature  |  9/16/2020  | 
The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world -- and enterprise computing -- on end. Here's a look at how cybersecurity teams are retrenching their defense strategies, rebuilding their teams, and selecting new technologies to stop the oncoming rise of online attacks.
5 Security Lessons Humans Can Learn From Their Dogs
Feature  |  9/15/2020  | 
Without the right reinforcements, you could be barking at the moon.
3 Secure Moments: A Tranquil Trio of Security Haiku
Feature  |  9/11/2020  | 
Placid poems to quiet the infosec pro's harried mind. (Or placid, by infosec standards.)
Think You're Spending Enough on Security?
Feature  |  9/10/2020  | 
While the amount will vary from organization to organization, here are four ways for everyone to evaluate whether they're allocating the right amount of money and resources.
Gone in a Flash
Feature  |  9/9/2020  | 
Behold, the pitfalls of portable hardware.
Next-Gen Firewalls 101: Not Just a Buzzword
Feature  |  9/8/2020  | 
In a rare twist, "next-gen" isn't just marketing-speak when it comes to next-gen firewalls, which function differently than traditional gear and may enable you to replace a variety of devices.
Name That Toon: Mask Out
Feature  |  9/5/2020  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
How Cybercriminals Take the Fun Out of Gaming
Feature  |  9/4/2020  | 
It's all fun and games until someone loses their V-Bucks, right? Here's how cyberattackers are cheating the gaming biz -- and winning big.
Ad Fraud: The Multibillion-Dollar Cybercrime CISOs Might Overlook
Feature  |  9/4/2020  | 
Marketing officers may have accepted ad fraud as a cost of doing business, but infosec pros take heed -- fraud can be a step to more significant attacks. Here's what to know and how to take action.
The Hidden Costs of Losing Security Talent
Feature  |  9/2/2020  | 
One person's exit can set off a chain of costly events.
Hypothesis: Cyber Attackers Are After Your Scientific Research
Feature  |  9/2/2020  | 
From COVID-19 treatment to academic studies, keeping research secure is more important than ever. The ResearchSOC at Indiana University intends to help.
Poll: Help Wanted
Feature  |  9/1/2020  | 
Is your security team hiring?
AI on the Email Offense
Feature  |  9/1/2020  | 
Mass domain purchasing enables email attackers to slip by traditional defenses. Here's how artificial intelligence can stop them.
Election Security's Sticky Problem: Attackers Who Don't Attack Votes
Feature  |  8/25/2020  | 
If election defenders are protecting votes, and adversaries are attacking something else entirely, both sides might claim success, "Operation BlackOut" simulation shows.
MFA Mistakes: 6 Ways to Screw Up Multifactor Authentication
Feature  |  8/20/2020  | 
Fearful of messing up its implementation, many enterprises are still holding out on MFA. Here's what they need to know.
Special Report: Understanding Your Cyber Attackers
Feature  |  8/19/2020  | 
If you want to get a better sense of the threats that might be coming - and your organization's vulnerability to those threats - this special report is a must-read.
How to Stay Secure on GitHub
Feature  |  8/18/2020  | 
GitHub, used badly, can be a source of more vulnerabilities than successful collaborations. Here are ways to keep your development team from getting burned on GitHub.
2020 State of Cybersecurity Operations and Incident Response
Feature  |  8/14/2020  | 
Download this report today to get an inside look at how cybersecurity teams are coping with new cyber threats in today's environment.
Security Jobs With a Future -- And Ones on the Way Out
Feature  |  8/13/2020  | 
Some titles are hot, while others are not, amid rapidly shifting business priorities.
Name That Toon: 'Rise' and Shine
Feature  |  8/12/2020  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
Zero-Trust Security 101
Feature  |  8/11/2020  | 
What are the tenets and fundamental spirit of zero-trust architecture -- without the marketing speak?
Developing Community for Woman Infosec Pros in India
Feature  |  8/5/2020  | 
Vandana Verma tells us how women in India are finding support, education and love of cybersecurity through the growing InfosecGirls community.
Attack of the Clone: Next-Gen Social Engineering
Feature  |  8/5/2020  | 
NeoEYED CTO Tamaghna Basu tells us how he created an AI bot to mimic him, how it could be used in social engineering attacks, and what the experience taught him about the value of true human connections.
6 Dangerous Defaults Attackers Love (and You Should Know)
Feature  |  8/4/2020  | 
Default configurations can be massive vulnerabilities. Here are a half dozen to check on for your network.
Why Data Ethics Is a Growing CISO Priority
Feature  |  8/3/2020  | 
With data collection growing, and increased concern about how it is handled, a synergy between security and data teams will be essential.
Poll: Check Poll
Feature  |  8/1/2020  | 
Is your security team hiring?
Poll: Endpoint Extravaganza
Feature  |  7/30/2020  | 
What shape do you expect remote endpoints to be in when they start winging their way back to the office?
How to Decipher InfoSec Job Titles' Mysteries
Feature  |  7/29/2020  | 
Figuring out which cybersecurity job you want -- or are qualified for -- can be difficult when words have no consistent meaning in the industry.
Rise of the Robots: How You Should Secure RPA
Feature  |  7/24/2020  | 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next big thing in innovation and digital strategy. But what security details are overlooked in the rush to implement bots?
Keys for a Safe Return to the Post-Quarantine Office
Feature  |  7/20/2020  | 
Security teams will need to keep these important considerations in mind as employees make their way back to the workplace.
As Offices Reopen, Hardware from Home Threatens Security
Feature  |  7/10/2020  | 
Devices out of sight for the past several months could spell trouble when employees bring them back to work.
Cybersecurity's Lament: There Are No Cooks in Space
Feature  |  7/3/2020  | 
Cybersecurity staff are on edge for the same reason that there are no cooks on the ISS: Organizations are carefully watching expenses for jobs that don't require dedicated team members.
Making Sense of EARN IT & LAED Bills' Implications for Crypto
Feature  |  7/2/2020  | 
After Senate Judiciary Committee pushes EARN IT Act a step closer to ratification, raising further concerns for privacy advocates, here's what to know.
Profile of the Post-Pandemic CISO
Feature  |  6/30/2020  | 
Projects that were high priorities before the COVID-19 outbreak have taken a back seat to new business needs. For security leaders that has meant new responsibilities that could very well stick around in the pandemic's aftermath.
5 New InfoSec Job Training Trends: What We're Studying During COVID-19
Feature  |  6/26/2020  | 
With the pandemic uprooting networks and upending careers, which security skills are hot -- and which are not?
How to Wring Every Last Drop Out of Your Security Budget
Feature  |  6/22/2020  | 
In the face of tighter budgets and lowered spending forecasts due to the pandemic, optimizing and improving the efficiency of security programs -- without sacrificing integrity -- has never been more important.
What Will Cybersecurity's 'New Normal' Look Like?
Feature  |  6/19/2020  | 
The coronavirus pandemic has forced changes for much of the business world, cybersecurity included. What can we expect going forward?
The Changing Face of Threat Intelligence
Feature  |  6/19/2020  | 
This special report takes a look at how enterprises are using threat intelligence, as well as emerging best practices for integrating threat intel into security operations and incident response. Download it today!
The Threat from the Internetand What Your Organization Can Do About It
Feature  |  6/19/2020  | 
This report describes some of the latest attacks and threats emanating from the Internet, as well as advice and tips on how your organization can mitigate those threats before they affect your business. Download it today!
What's Anonymous Up to Now?
Feature  |  6/17/2020  | 
The hacker group recently took credit for two high-profile incidents -- but its actions aren't quite the same as they once were, some say.
Inside Stealthworker: How It Compromises WordPress, Step-by-Step
Feature  |  6/12/2020  | 
A new wave of attacks using old malware is threatening WordPress sites that don't have strong password policies.
Asset Management Mess? How to Get Organized
Feature  |  6/10/2020  | 
Hardware and software deployments all over the place due to the pandemic scramble? Here are the essential steps to ensure you can find what you need -- and secure it.
Name That Toon: Sign of the Tides
Feature  |  6/5/2020  | 
Feeling creative? Submit your caption in the comments, and our panel of experts will reward the winner with a $25 Amazon gift card.
RATs 101: The Grimy Trojans That Scurry Through Remote Access Pipes
Feature  |  6/3/2020  | 
Remote Access Trojans (RATs) can be the beginning of very bad things on your network or workstations.
10 Tips for Maintaining Information Security During Layoffs
Feature  |  6/2/2020  | 
Insider cyberthreats are always an issue during layoffs -- but with record numbers of home-office workers heading for the unemployment line, it has never been harder to maintain cybersecurity during offboarding.
All Links Are Safe ... Right?
Feature  |  5/29/2020  | 
Today is a perfect day for a security breach.
Security 101: SQL Injection
Feature  |  5/27/2020  | 
A carefully crafted attack can convince a database to reveal all its secrets. Understanding the basics of what the attack looks like and how to protect against it can go a long way toward limiting the threat.
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Gone in a Flash

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