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Content posted in January 2017
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'Quantum Dawn' Raid as Financial Industry Simulates Global Ransomware Attack
Larry Loeb  |  11/8/2019  | 
Financial institutions in Asia, the US and the UK are put through their paces.
Study Finds Customer Data to Be Most at Risk From Insiders
Larry Loeb  |  11/6/2019  | 
Companies say that they are somewhat more worried about inadvertent insider breaches and negligent data breaches than they are about malicious intent by bad actors.
Complex Q3 DDoS Can Have 11 Attack Vectors
Larry Loeb  |  11/5/2019  | 
Link 11 has issued a summary of what they have found out about characteristics of DDoS attacks that occurred in Q3 2019.
Building Your Secure Cloud-Ready Branch
Nirav Shah  |  11/5/2019  | 
Many organizations are developing a cloud-ready branch strategy that relies on SD-WAN to enable direct Internet access for fast cloud access and improved cloud application performance.
75% of Enterprises Will Adopt a Zero Trust Solution Within a Year – Zscaler
Larry Loeb  |  11/5/2019  | 
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) services are built to ensure that only authorized users can access specific applications on a network based on business policies.
Chinese-Linked APT41 Can Read Your Texts
Larry Loeb  |  10/31/2019  | 
New malware family is designed to have the ability to monitor as well as save SMS traffic from specific phone numbers, IMSI numbers and keywords for subsequent theft.
Xhelper Will Be Back Whether You Want It or Not
Larry Loeb  |  10/30/2019  | 
Researcher says that this Trojan dropper variant of the original Android malware has infected more than 45,000 Android devices over the last six months.
Endpoints Fail Predictably: Absolute
Larry Loeb  |  10/29/2019  | 
A security firm based in Vancouver, Canada, has issued a disturbing 2019 Endpoint Security Trends Report that finds security spending not worth the bucks.
MSFT Floats an ARC
Larry Loeb  |  10/29/2019  | 
As far back as 2015, the group responsible for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance specification realized that one implementation was not going to solve the problem of email spoofing.
Beware the 'Raccoon Stealer' – It Ain't No Furry Friend
Larry Loeb  |  10/24/2019  | 
'Raccoon stealer' is one of the 2019's top ten most-mentioned pieces of malware in the underground economy.
Operational Technology Players Come Out of the Shadows
Larry Loeb  |  10/23/2019  | 
Operational technology (OT) has long been hiding in the factories and sites of industrial installations, but things are changing.
Two Threat Actors, One Targeted Threat
Larry Loeb  |  10/22/2019  | 
By combining, two threat actors leveraged their own specific areas of expertise into one highly efficient and private tool.
Cylance Discovers WAV Files Can Hide Malware
Larry Loeb  |  10/21/2019  | 
BlackBerry Cylance threat researchers Anuj Soni, Jordan Barth and Brian Marks recently discovered obfuscated malware code that was embedded within WAV audio files.
What's New in the EU Security Market
Oliver Schonschek  |  10/18/2019  | 
This October we visited the trade fair it-sa, which counts as one of the more important IT security exhibitions in the world. They hosted more than 750 security vendors from 25 countries who presented their solutions for the international market.
Unit 42 Finds the First Cryptojacking Docker Container
Larry Loeb  |  10/17/2019  | 
Palo Alto Network's Unit 42 has found the first cryptocurrency miner malware that spreads like a worm through the use of Docker containers.
Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity: Making It Work for Your Organization
Steve Durbin  |  10/16/2019  | 
Artificial intelligence (AI) is creating a new frontier in information security. Systems that independently learn, reason and act will increasingly replicate human behavior. Just like humans, they will be imperfect, but also capable of achieving great things.
Even RATs Need Marketing
Larry Loeb  |  10/16/2019  | 
Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 researchers have discovered a new and previously undocumented Remote Access Tool (RAT).
Don't Get Burned by Your Sophos Firewall
Larry Loeb  |  10/15/2019  | 
Researcher finds Sophos firewalls can allow net-based RCE without authentication.
CISO No Longer the Last Word on Security – Radware
Larry Loeb  |  10/14/2019  | 
The rise of DevSecOps may be the reason that 70% of respondents to Radware's survey stated that the CISO was not the top influencer in deciding on security software policy.
New 'Reductor' Malware Intercepts Browser Traffic
Larry Loeb  |  10/11/2019  | 
Encrypted traffic from both Chrome and Firefox shown to be vulnerable.
Encoding the Analyst: Why AI Security Tools Are Thinking Like an Expert – Only Faster
Justin Fier  |  10/10/2019  | 
Despite our best efforts, human defenders simply cannot process information at machine-speeds and cyber-criminals are taking advantage. When human knowledge meets AI's precision, Cyber AI can augment the human at every stage of safeguarding the digital business.
UK Businesses Feel the Heat as Cyber Attacks Rise 243% Over the Summer
Larry Loeb  |  10/9/2019  | 
UK-based business ISP analyzed data from its customers and found that the number of cyber attacks its customers experienced had increased over last year's summer period by 243%.
UK Spy Agency Warns About VPN Hacking
Larry Loeb  |  10/8/2019  | 
Advanced persistent threat actors linked to the Chinese government are attacking enterprise VPN servers from Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks and Pulse Secure.
Cequence Finds Web Conferencing Vulnerability
Larry Loeb  |  10/7/2019  | 
Vulnerability could allow an attacker to list and view active meetings that are not protected.
FakeUpdates Is Back With New Capabilities
Larry Loeb  |  10/4/2019  | 
FireEye has written a blog about what they observed financially motivated threat actors were doing that focused on disrupting business processes by the mass deployment of ransomware throughout a victim's environment.
Threat Intelligence Within a Layered Defense
Dan Reis  |  10/2/2019  | 
A layered approach to security will provide the information practitioners need for a proactive threat protection posture.
Masad Stealer Uses Telegram to Send Its Control Messages to Waiting Bots
Larry Loeb  |  10/2/2019  | 
Juniper Threat Labs has discovered a new Trojan-delivered spyware that uses Telegram to exfiltrate stolen information.
Torvalds Gives In, Linux Kernel Gets Locked Down Early
Larry Loeb  |  10/1/2019  | 
After years of efforts and rewrites, Linus Torvalds has signed off on a new optional feature for Linux that locks down the kernel much earlier in the boot process than was previously the case.
MSFT Updates Outlook Ban List for Downloads
Larry Loeb  |  9/30/2019  | 
Microsoft did some Outlook tweaking recently. They realized that the list of the file extensions that the program should refuse to download needed some updating.
Special Report: SD-Wan Security
Information Resources  |  9/30/2019  | 

While SD-WAN gains in popularity, WAN vendors are trying to augment their offerings by partnering with security vendors. Likewise, security vendors are looking to play in this market by adding network capabilities. Both partner approaches seem to complicate network and security environments for the enterprise.

This special report will explore these issues and discuss what approaches ultimately make sense for the enterprise as they require the flexibility needed to continually optimize network performance with security capabilities in order to address threats quickly and effectively.

Whats Inside:

  • Ovum Market Opinion: SD-WAN Security
  • Ready for your Makeover? SD-WAN Security
  • Contextualized Visibility is Key to Securing SD-WAN
  • Enterprises are Choosing SD-WAN: The Trend is Real and Growing
  • Secure SD-WAN Delivers a Solid Foundation for Edge Network Protection
  • Report Predicts DevSecOps Boom Over Next 2 Years
    Larry Loeb  |  9/27/2019  | 
    Sixty-eight percent of companies say they will be securing three quarters or more of their cloud-native applications with DevSecOps within two years.
    OWASP's Common Web Program Security Problems: Part 2
    Larry Loeb  |  9/26/2019  | 
    We continue the countdown of OWASP's Top Ten nasties.
    Enterprise Ransomware & Consumer Ransomware: They're Not That Different
    Larry Loeb  |  9/26/2019  | 
    RiskSense researchers identified 57 vulnerabilities that are heavily tied to ransomware threats in enterprises and government organizations as opposed to individuals.
    OWASP Lists the Most Common Security Stings
    Larry Loeb  |  9/24/2019  | 
    OWASP's Top 10 is made up of high-risk, common weaknesses and flaws that are seen over and over again.
    LastPass Extensions for Chrome & Opera Can Leak Passwords
    Larry Loeb  |  9/20/2019  | 
    A history of password-stealing potential vulnerabilities has LastPass users worried.
    How Human-Centered Security Can Strengthen Your Organizations
    Steve Durbin  |  9/19/2019  | 
    Humans are often regarded as the 'weakest link' in information security. However, organizations have historically relied on the effectiveness of technical security controls, instead of trying to understand why people are susceptible to mistakes and manipulation.
    DNSSEC Can Encourage DDoS – Nexusguard
    Larry Loeb  |  9/18/2019  | 
    Report found that DNS Amplification contributed to the largest share, compared to other methods, of attack activities in Q2 2019.
    Analytics Startup Claims to Turn Golden Tickets Brass
    Joe Stanganelli  |  9/17/2019  | 
    The threat of escalation attacks and forged administration levels has plagued Kerberos authentication systems for years. Data-analytics startup Qomplx claims to do the math that solves the problem.
    F-Secure's Honeypots Get Hit 3 Billion Times in First Half of 2019
    Larry Loeb  |  9/17/2019  | 
    Global network of honeypots measured more than triple the attack traffic of the previous period, to a total of over 2.9 billion events.
    NIST Tackles AI
    Larry Loeb  |  9/16/2019  | 
    But to prepare for something usually means you have an idea about what you are preparing for, no?
    An Image Can Poison Just as Well as an Exploit Can
    Larry Loeb  |  9/13/2019  | 
    An emerging and increasingly sophisticated threat campaign is employing obscure file formats.
    Podcast: Infrastructure Hunting – Stopping Bad Actors in Their Tracks
    Podcasts  |  9/13/2019  | 
    Being able to effectively build a threat intelligence ecosystem or threat-hunting identification response requires both user and systems sophistication and capabilities. Security, orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) is a new technology designed to provide organizations a single comprehensive platform they can use to implement an intelligence driven security strategy.
    Podcast: Digital Transformation, SD-WAN & Optimal Security
    Podcasts  |  9/12/2019  | 
    Dan Reis chats to Cybera's Josh Flynn about how to achieve digital transformation without sacrificing security.
    IoT Can Allow Footholds Where They Are Least Expected
    Larry Loeb  |  9/11/2019  | 
    An IoT device carries with it the implicit threat of being used for nefarious purposes if it has not been created with security foremost in mind.
    Improving on Layered Cyber Defense
    Dan Reis  |  9/10/2019  | 
    At what point does a layered defense encumber security's proficiency as it increases network complexity?
    Only 1% of Malware Attacks Use a Machine's Vulnerability, the Rest Prey on Humans – Proofpoint
    Larry Loeb  |  9/9/2019  | 
    Instead of attacking computer systems and infrastructure, threat actors focus on people, their roles within an organization, the data to which they had access, and their likelihood to 'click here' or perform some other enabling action.
    Study Finds Enterprise Network Improvement Initiatives Not Meeting Business Needs
    Larry Loeb  |  9/6/2019  | 
    Accenture conducted a blind survey with 300 senior IT and business executives from companies with annual revenues in excess of US$1 billion to see if enterprise networks were under as much pressure these days as they projected they would be.
    Eclypsium Finds 4 Major Attack Paths in Supermicro Servers
    Larry Loeb  |  9/5/2019  | 
    Firmware security player finds vulnerabilities in X9, X10 and X11 platform of servers.
    TrickBot Has Evolved to Become More Dangerous
    Larry Loeb  |  9/4/2019  | 
    TrickBot has been an active botnet since around October of 2016. It's well known as part of the threat landscape, and has been operated in the past by GOLD BLACKBURN.
    Making Code Harder to Read by Attackers Can Make Injections Less Likely
    Larry Loeb  |  9/3/2019  | 
    It's one of way of stopping formjackers making off with customers' credit card details.
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