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Cost of Cyber Breach Goes Down for Some
Curt Franklin  |  6/20/2017  | 
The cost of dealing with a cyber breach went down last year, but not for everyone. Were you on the lucky side of the equation?
Deciphering the Threat Landscape
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/19/2017  | 
Why do we continue to see so many cyberbreaches? If we look at why many of the breaches in the past year have occurred, it comes down to three major factors.
What Security Threat Keeps You Up at Night?
Curt Franklin  |  6/19/2017  | 
Which security threat is causing the most new wrinkles to appear on your face? Security Now wants to know.
Machine Learning Is the Next Great Security Weapon
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/14/2017  | 
Enlisting machines will help level the playing field in the battle for enterprise cybersecurity.
Fixing the Tech Behind the Cyberwar
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/13/2017  | 
As security, we have failed our very charges. We continue to allow them to be attacked and we fail at defense. What must we do to change this?
Join Us for Voice of Security Radio: Marc Woolward, CTO of vArmour
Curt Franklin  |  6/13/2017  | 
Join us as we explore the ways in which devops practices can be the keys to building secure infrastructures and applications from the ground up.
Autonomous Cars Must Be Secure to Be Safe
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/13/2017  | 
All of the airbags and crumple zones in the world won't help if hackers can take control of self-driving cars. What can manufacturers do to keep these next-generation vehicles secure and safe?
HONEST Results of the First Security Now Poll
Curt Franklin  |  6/12/2017  | 
Your opinion matters to us. That's why we're sharing the HONEST results of our polls.
From Enemies to Allies: Addressing Security Culture Clashes in Your Organization
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/9/2017  | 
Building secure organizations starts with people, not technology. Part 2 of a 2-part article.
Illumio Gets $125M in Series D Funding
Curt Franklin  |  6/8/2017  | 
Illumio received $125 million in round D funding. What does the company do and what's it going to do with an extra $125 million?
Effective Leadership Means Effective Security
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/7/2017  | 
Raising security awareness across the enterprise requires diligence, leadership and contextual threat intelligence, and it starts in the C-suite.
Netskope Scoops $100M Funding
Curt Franklin  |  6/6/2017  | 
The CASB vendor closes a $100 million round of funding on the strength of six key investors.
Giant Fireball Hits Enterprise Networks
Curt Franklin  |  6/5/2017  | 
Goodness, gracious, great Fireball of malware.
The Security of SD-WAN
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/5/2017  | 
With Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), lower costs and increased efficiency are the big payoffs. Is there a price to be paid in security?
Faster Response Means Lower Costs
Curt Franklin  |  6/2/2017  | 
Speed may be the missing ingredient in minimizing damage from cyberattacks.
Your Security Problem Isn't Technical, It's Personal
News Analysis-Security Now  |  6/1/2017  | 
Finding a solution starts with admitting that there's a problem. In cybersecurity, the process should start with people, not technology.
The State of the Internet Is... Scary
Curt Franklin  |  5/31/2017  | 
Mary Meeker's annual Internet report contains bad news and more bad news when it comes to security.
Lessons From Chipotle's Big Customer Data Breach
Curt Franklin  |  5/30/2017  | 
Burritos with a side of delicious guacamole and potential identity theft.
Take Security Now's Vault 7 Survey
Curt Franklin  |  5/30/2017  | 
WannaCry was the first shot from the Vault 7 arsenal. When will we see the second shot?
New Insight on WannaCry's Roots
Curt Franklin  |  5/26/2017  | 
Is it possible we've been looking in the wrong direction for the source of the WannaCry attack?
Microsoft Buys Hexadite for Security Automation
Curt Franklin  |  5/25/2017  | 
Microsoft's latest acquisition appears to be Hexadite, raising the question: What would more cloud security automation mean for your organization?
Welcome to Security Now
Curt Franklin  |  5/24/2017  | 
Security Now is a community for you, no matter what your role in IT security.
Mocana Lands $11M Funding for IoT Security
Curt Franklin  |  5/16/2017  | 
New round of funding brings IoT security company's total to $93.6 million.
WannaCry Continues at a Slowed Pace
Curt Franklin  |  5/16/2017  | 
Hold off on that big sigh of relief. WannaCry isn't dead, yet.
Global Ransomware Attack Strikes 70K Systems (& Counting)
Curt Franklin  |  5/12/2017  | 
A wave of ransomware attacks based on a Shadow Brokers vulnerability strikes Telefonica and organizations worldwide.
Heavy Reading Launches a Security Market Tracker
News Analysis-Security Now  |  5/10/2017  | 
As increasing numbers of telecom operators venture into the managed security space, Heavy Reading has launched a new research service that monitors and analyzes this emerging sector.
Verizon Hides User Apps With New SDP Service
Curt Franklin  |  5/5/2017  | 
Verizon offers a new SDP service to enhance customer application security.
First AWS, Now Microsoft Cloud; Who's Next?
News Analysis-Security Now  |  5/4/2017  | 
Outages are inevitable, but how can we deal with them better?
Leading Lights 2017 Finalists: Most Innovative Security Strategy
Curt Franklin  |  5/3/2017  | 
Six companies made the finals in this competitive category of Leading Lights 2017.
IHG Hack Hit Hospitality Guests in the Wallet
Curt Franklin  |  4/20/2017  | 
Malware on IHG servers sent credit card info to stay with thieves.
FDA Warns Abbott on IoT Vulnerability & More
Curt Franklin  |  4/17/2017  | 
The FDA delivered a strongly worded warning to Abbott Labs about continuing vulnerabilities and defects in implantable devices.
Wikileaks Vault 7 Hacks Hit Dozens
Curt Franklin  |  4/13/2017  | 
The attacks detailed in Wikipedia's Vault 7 release of CIA information have hit at least 40 targets since the information release.
Infoblox Serves SDN DNS to Carriers With Trinzic Flex
Curt Franklin  |  4/10/2017  | 
Infoblox's latest appliance, Trinzic Flex, brings its traditional DNS, DHCP and more to SDN and NFV at carrier scale.
McAfee's Independence Day
Curt Franklin  |  4/5/2017  | 
Six years after a purchase by Intel, McAfee is once again a private company with a new focus and an old name.
Network Operations Filled With Unplanned Activity
Curt Franklin  |  3/28/2017  | 
Network operations spends vast amounts of time reacting to events. What does that mean for your organization and its people?
Security, Cloud & the SBC
News Analysis-Security Now  |  3/27/2017  | 
Despite all the current hype surrounding 5G at the moment, it's cloud and security technologies that are fundamentally driving business growth opportunities for communications service providers.
Security Takes the Stage at Oracle Industry Connect
Curt Franklin  |  3/22/2017  | 
Security is a supporting player at Oracle Industry Connect. Is it hero or villain to the assembled customers and partners?
DOJ Charges Russian Agents in Yahoo Breach
Craig Matsumoto  |  3/15/2017  | 
Officers of Russia's FSB led the 2014 intrusion into Yahoo's network, according to grand jury indictments.
Cloudbleed Lessons: What If There's No Lesson?
Curt Franklin  |  3/15/2017  | 
'There's nothing to be done,' isn't an encouraging lesson from a security disaster, but that may be the biggest takeaway from Cloudbleed.
CenturyLink: Changing the Security Mindset
News Analysis-Security Now  |  3/10/2017  | 
Businesses need to think of cyber security as more than an occasional investment.
New Tachyon Promotes Ad Hoc Security Queries
Curt Franklin  |  3/9/2017  | 
1E's new Tachyon EDR system is designed without a database for faster random queries.
WikiLeaks Strikes Again
Curt Franklin  |  3/8/2017  | 
WikiLeaks has release thousands of pages allegedly from CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence. Just how bad is it?
Pay-TV Security Gets 50 Shades Darker
News Analysis-Security Now  |  3/2/2017  | 
Pay-TV providers are seeing new security threats and vulnerabilities every day, and are facing numerous challenges trying to tighten the security that protects organizations, as well as their customers.
Cloudflare Bleeds Bad News – & Good
Curt Franklin  |  2/27/2017  | 
A slip of the fingers brings privacy concerns for millions and lessons in how to handle a security incident.
RSAC 2017 in 4 Words
Curt Franklin  |  2/17/2017  | 
The big news and trends from RSAC 2017 can be summed up in four key words: visibility, IoT, partnership and automation.
Machine Learning at Heart of Security M&A Splurge
News Analysis-Security Now  |  2/8/2017  | 
Four acquisitions in a week all point to the growing importance of machine learning for major security system vendors.
Nokia's Efforts to Lead in Security
News Analysis-Security Now  |  2/2/2017  | 
Nokia is maintaining its strategic emphasis on network security and may have some plausible claims to be ahead of its major vendor rivals – but it still has a lot of questions to answer.
Cisco Report: They're Coming for Your Servers
Curt Franklin  |  2/1/2017  | 
Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report 2017 said that organizations suffered serious cybersecurity losses in 2016 – and the bad guys are coming for your server in 2017.
Facebook Gets Physical With Its Security Strategy
Facebook Gets Physical With Its Security Strategy
Security TV  |  1/31/2017  | 
Facebook has introduced new measures that will enable users to secure access to their accounts using a physical 'key' application.
Cloud Pumps Up Juniper's Q4
Curt Franklin  |  1/27/2017  | 
The transition to cloud infrastructure helped Juniper overcome a drop in security sales in the fourth quarter of 2016.
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I Smell a RAT! New Cybersecurity Threats for the Crypto Industry
David Trepp, Partner, IT Assurance with accounting and advisory firm BPM LLP,  7/9/2021
Attacks on Kaseya Servers Led to Ransomware in Less Than 2 Hours
Robert Lemos, Contributing Writer,  7/7/2021
It's in the Game (but It Shouldn't Be)
Tal Memran, Cybersecurity Expert, CYE,  7/9/2021
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