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IDT CIO Faces Down New Crop of Global Threats
Simon Marshall  |  7/16/2018  | 
IDT CIO Golan Ben-Oni has faced down two serious cyberattacks in the last year and he expects more are on the way. From selecting vendors to thinking about the cloud, here's how Ben-Oi is rethinking the security landscape.
How the Cloud Is Changing the Identity & Access Management Game
Simon Marshall  |  7/5/2018  | 
Fresh off a $17.5M funding round, startup Preempt is one of several companies that is looking to change the identity and access management game as the enterprise shifts to the cloud.
Cybercriminals Start Looking Beyond the Dark Web
Simon Marshall  |  7/3/2018  | 
For years, the Dark Web was seen as a safe haven for cybercrime. Now, a new report finds that cybercriminals are turning toward newer technologies, such as Blockchain DNS, to shield their activities.
IPS: A Key Network Protection in an Age of Increasing Threats
Simon Marshall  |  6/14/2018  | 
Intrusion prevent systems or IPS have had a checkered history in the enterprise, but increases in malicious activity across business networks have shown the technology can make a big security difference.
Vulnerability Remediation: Best Practice or Best Guess?
Simon Marshall  |  6/1/2018  | 
A new study from Kenna Security and the Cyentia Institute finds that even the most well-thought-out vulnerability remediation strategy is no better than a good guess. However, machine learning could lead to better results.
Endpoint Security: A Never-Ending Battle to Keep Up
Simon Marshall  |  5/7/2018  | 
Endpoint security has evolved over the last several years as the BYOD trend has slowed, but enterprises are still uploading more data to the cloud, which is accessible on more devices. Even the notion of what an endpoint is has changed. What can enterprise security do?
Smartphones Remain the Most Vulnerable of Endpoints
Simon Marshall  |  4/24/2018  | 
The nature of mobile devices, especially smartphones, continues to make them the most vulnerable of endpoint devices. Here's why enterprise security teams need to stay vigilante.
Billions of Business Files & Data Are Exposed Online to Anyone
Simon Marshall  |  4/12/2018  | 
A report from Digital Shadows finds that more than a billion files, including sensitive data and intellectual property, are exposed to the greater Internet. Much of this is due to antiquated technology.
Startup PreVeil Challenging Cloud-Based Encryption Standards
Simon Marshall  |  4/6/2018  | 
Boston-based PreVeil is looking to change the way data is encrypted in the cloud, and it is butting heads with the bigger cloud storage providers to prove its point.
Red Bull Powers Security Strategy With AI, Automation
Simon Marshall  |  4/2/2018  | 
When it comes to security, Red Bull is looking to close the gap by turning toward newer technologies, including automation, AI and machine learning.
Why Privileged Account Management Is So Difficult for Enterprises
Simon Marshall  |  3/28/2018  | 
A report from security firm Thycotic finds that enterprises struggle with protecting Privileged Account Management from outside attacks. However, there are better ways to protect data.
Healthcare Industry Underprepared for Cyber Attacks Report
Simon Marshall  |  3/27/2018  | 
A study from Merlin International finds that healthcare facilities and businesses are underprepared for cyber attacks, and that patient data remains at risk.
IoT Use Complicates Security Landscape in Healthcare
Simon Marshall  |  3/19/2018  | 
As billions of IoT devices are coming online, especially in healthcare, the security landscape is getting increasingly complicated, according to a report from Zingbox.
Cisco Security Report Finds Cloud-Based Attacks Increasing
Simon Marshall  |  3/1/2018  | 
While enterprises are moving to the cloud to help cut costs and better secure data, attackers are also taking advantage of this shift to newer technologies and platforms.
GDPR: The New Price We Pay for Data Privacy
Simon Marshall  |  2/28/2018  | 
When the EU's GDPR regulations come into effect in May, the rules around how companies and individuals regard data privacy will change forever. Even for those outside Europe, this could be an expensive journey to take.
Cryptocurrency Crime: The Internet's New Wild West
Simon Marshall  |  2/20/2018  | 
The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has opened the floodgates to different cybercrimes, scams and outright theft. A pair of reports from Cisco and Digital Shadows paints a portrait of this new Wild West of the Internet.
Mobile Malware Increases, While Hiding in Porn Sites
Simon Marshall  |  2/15/2018  | 
Porn and other adult content sites are helping to disguise an increase in mobile malware, which is targeting users embarrassed by their online browsing habits, according to new information from Kaspersky Labs.
Can Machine Learning Overcome the Threat Intelligence Gap?
Simon Marshall  |  2/5/2018  | 
Threat intelligence is a major concern for enterprises. Security firm Recorded Future believes machine learning can help overcome the gap between the haves and the have-nots.
Allure Seed Round Funds AI Security
Simon Marshall  |  2/2/2018  | 
Flush with $5.3 million in funding, Allure Security is taking a novel approach to data security by using AI and machine learning. CTO Dr. Salvatore J. Stolfo sat down with Security Now to explain how it works.
Cryptomining: Paying the Price for Cryptocurrency
Simon Marshall  |  1/30/2018  | 
The growing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has led to cryptomining, with enterprises and individuals running the software unknowingly. Here's a look at the underside of this new business model.
8 Personal & Professional Data Privacy Tips to Follow
Simon Marshall  |  1/25/2018  | 
With International Data Privacy Day coming later this month, Security Now offers a checklist to help protect personal and professional data.
Thycotic's Joseph Carson: Government & Encryption Issues Will Be Huge
Simon Marshall  |  1/22/2018  | 
In the second part of his Q&A with Security Now, Thycotic Chief Security Scientist Joseph Carson talks about encryption and the role that governments play in security.
Thycotic's Joseph Carson: Hackers Will Soon Read Your Mind
Simon Marshall  |  1/16/2018  | 
In the first part of his Q&A with Security Now, Thycotic's Joseph Carson talks privacy in an interconnected world and how hackers will soon read minds.
Smaller Financial Firms Preparing for New Ransomware Threats
Simon Marshall  |  1/10/2018  | 
Nearly a year after WannaCry and other ransomware attacks that targeted financial institutions, smaller firms are looking to prepare. Here's what the CISO of Texas-based Real Time Resolutions is doing to fight back.
Countries, Coins & Cloud Will Test Enterprise Security in 2018
Simon Marshall  |  1/4/2018  | 
According to expert researchers from Kaspersky Labs, 2018's security challenges will be bigger than those seen in 2017.
Cyber Insurance Builds for Business
Simon Marshall  |  1/3/2018  | 
Insurance for cyber issues is growing to take its place with property, casualty and business continuity insurance for the enterprise.
Retail Security Threat Season is in Full Swing
Simon Marshall  |  12/29/2017  | 
Christmas shopping season is over, but shopping -- and threats to retailers and their customers -- is still going strong.
IoT Security Is a Matter of Life & Death
Simon Marshall  |  12/20/2017  | 
When the IoT enters the hospital room, its security becomes a matter of literal life and death.
Dirty Practices Make for Difficult Security
Simon Marshall  |  12/19/2017  | 
Data hygiene is low on the priority list for most IT users, and IT security departments end up cleaning up the mess.
Office 365 Flaw Could Lead to 'Stealthy Admin' Headaches
Simon Marshall  |  12/15/2017  | 
A recently discovered flaw in Microsoft's Office 365 suite could meant that a business's so-called "stealthy admins" could compromise security without even realizing it.
Kaspersky Names WannaCry 'Vulnerability of the Year'
Simon Marshall  |  12/12/2017  | 
Of all the breaches, malware and ransomware that security researchers saw this year, WannaCry had the greatest effect, according to Kaspersky Labs.
Startup Attivo Advocates for 'Deceptive' Security Protection
Simon Marshall  |  12/8/2017  | 
When it comes to security, how deceptive should enterprises be to thwart cybercriminals? Attivo Networks and a number of other security startups are advocating a different approach.
Equifax Breach Points to Similar Security Concerns Report
Simon Marshall  |  12/7/2017  | 
The Equifax breach earlier this year exposed more than 140 million personal records, shocking many people. However, a new Fortinet report shows that the vulnerabilities used in that attack are becoming more common.
The Security Risk Lurking in the Board of Directors
Simon Marshall  |  12/5/2017  | 
Corporate boards are a significant security concern, according to new research from Palo Alto Networks. However, there are ways for CSOs to mitigate this internal threat.
AWS Adds Security Management to Growing Portfolio
Simon Marshall  |  11/30/2017  | 
AWS has announced major new security management features for its massive public cloud infrastructure.
AI Prepares for Security Spotlight
Simon Marshall  |  11/29/2017  | 
Versive puts AI to work finding and identifying cybersecurity threats.
PreVeil Pushes Encryption Past the End
Simon Marshall  |  11/28/2017  | 
PreVeil is pushing encryption beyond its normal endpoints to protect data wherever it is.
DDoS Attacks Trend in a Bad Direction
Simon Marshall  |  11/27/2017  | 
DDoS attacks aren't going away; they're becoming larger, more frequent and more frequently used in conjunction with other attacks.
Kaspersky Takes on 2018
Simon Marshall  |  11/16/2017  | 
Kaspersky Labs has released its security predictions for 2018 and there are troubling trends ahead.
Should Security Silos Still Stand?
Simon Marshall  |  11/15/2017  | 
DevSecOps would tear down every functional silo in security. Is that a good thing, or do corporate silos still serve a valuable purpose?
The Gift of Simple Security
Simon Marshall  |  11/14/2017  | 
Alert Logic's Marc Willebeek-Lemair has seen complex security and now thinks that simple solutions are the best for most enterprises.
Dispatch From the CyberWar: An Interview With Joseph Carson
Simon Marshall  |  11/10/2017  | 
Joseph Carson was on the ground when Estonia suffered a series of massive cyber attacks. In this exclusive interview, he talks about what happened and what the world should learn.
SlashNext Seeks an End to the Sandbox
Simon Marshall  |  11/8/2017  | 
Sandboxing isn't effective in the modern world, according to startup SlashNext. But what, precisely, comes next?
This Aggressive Panda Steals Your Credentials
Simon Marshall  |  11/6/2017  | 
Zeus Panda can sneak in through a search engine and leave with all your credentials.
Recorded Future Takes $25M in Final Funding Round
Simon Marshall  |  11/3/2017  | 
Recorded Future finishes venture funding with money to build out a threat intelligence platform.
Open Source is Getting Safer
Simon Marshall  |  11/1/2017  | 
Open source is not unsafe by nature, and a new report has numbers to back that up. If your software is unsafe, blame programming, not the license.
Demisto Brings Bots to Security Noise
Simon Marshall  |  11/1/2017  | 
A Security Now company profile of security automation firm Demisto.
Kaspersky's US Gov Woes Continue
Simon Marshall  |  10/27/2017  | 
Kaspersky has admitted that its software grabbed a classified file from a private computer. Does it prove the US government's claims or prove that Kaspersky is a good global citizen?
Will Transparency Save Kaspersky?
Simon Marshall  |  10/25/2017  | 
Kaspersky is trying radical transparency to counter accusations that it acts as a front for Russian intelligence. Will it be enough to quiet the skeptics?
Contesting Control of Container Security
Simon Marshall  |  10/20/2017  | 
Who should control container security? It's a question that is gaining importance as containers become a favored mechanism for enterprise development.
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