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Content tagged with Vulnerabilities / Threats posted in July 2006
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Agribusiness Ramps Up Secure VPN
News  |  7/31/2006  | 
James Richardson International is about to upgrade its SSL VPN security for more mobile device access and expansion of its B2B operations
CoveLight Detects Fraud
News  |  7/31/2006  | 
Covelight Systems announced the availability of Covelight Percept 3.0
Apache Quickly Patches Bug
News  |  7/31/2006  | 
Fix is for vulnerability found in Apache HTTP Server that lets an attacker take control of the Web server or crash it
StillSecure Releases VAM v5.5
News  |  7/31/2006  | 
StillSecure announced VAM v5.5, the newest version of StillSecure's vulnerability management platform
Authentium Intros ATM
News  |  7/31/2006  | 
Authentium announced VirtualATM, am SDK that allows banks and ISPs to create direct, secure, end-to-end connections with users
Patch Work, Beyond Windows
News  |  7/28/2006  | 
Those non-Microsoft desktop apps may fly under the radar, but need IT attention too
Email Threats Hit Hard
News  |  7/28/2006  | 
Companies with fewer than 1,000 employees receive almost 14 percent more spam through the MX Logic Threat Center
MOBB Bug Among Mozilla Patches
News  |  7/27/2006  | 
Fix avoids 'race conditions,' where a system tries to perform multiple operations simultaneously, bypassing normal processing
IPS Evasion Equation
News  |  7/26/2006  | 
Homegrown tools and an old worm sneak right past three different vendors' intrusion protection systems
Trojan Uses Firefox Add-On
News  |  7/26/2006  | 
New piece of spyware does its dirty work using a real Mozilla Firefox extension
Profit Motives
News  |  7/26/2006  | 
This business of paying for software bugs has plenty of pros and cons and won't necessarily improve security
Skybox Upgrades SRM Suite
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
Skybox Security launches the third-generation release of its Skybox View security risk management (SRM) suite
CERT Seeks Secure Coding Input
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
But can it deliver standards that are broadly applicable and accommodate countless permutations?
Practicing Safe Data
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
Worried about data protection? You should be
FSU Ups Security
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
Rapid7 announced that FSU has installed NeXpose vulnerability management software for conducting security risk audits
Power Industry Gets Security Standard
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
As the continent sweats, North America's electrical utilities will begin implementing new protective measures
Hacking the Vista Kernel
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
More fun at Black Hat: How to slip malware into the Vista Beta 2 kernel and take control of the machine
ConSentry Announces Expansion
News  |  7/25/2006  | 
ConSentry Networks announced that it is expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific region
Startup Gives Video New Look
News  |  7/24/2006  | 
SteelBox's new capabilities for video traffic management and storage could make large-scale surveillance workable in the enterprise
JavaScript Malware Targets Intranets
News  |  7/24/2006  | 
Malware, cross-site scripting use browsers to break into intranets, with demo planned for next week's Black Hat conference
Reconnex, Tenable Team
News  |  7/24/2006  | 
Reconnex has entered into a partnership with Tenable Network Security
Security Solution Meets Standard
News  |  7/24/2006  | 
Security Bugs Sent to the Sandbox
News  |  7/24/2006  | 
A researcher at the upcoming Black Hat conference will suggest a new whitelisting method that creates a 'sandbox' for uninvited traffic
Malware Hits Enterprises
News  |  7/24/2006  | 
A new messaging security field study confirms the need for Zero HourVirus Outbreak Protection, Commtouch announced today
IDS/IPS: Too Many Holes?
News  |  7/21/2006  | 
Today's IDS/IPS technology is often no match for smarter and more application-specific exploits
Time-Tested Email
News  |  7/21/2006  | 
Magazine's marketers improve email response rate with 'trusted' class of email that bypasses ISP spam filters
Management Deja Vu
News  |  7/21/2006  | 
Today's market for SIM tools looks remarkably like the market for enterprise management applications back in the 1980s and 1990s
New Trojan Offers Google Update
News  |  7/21/2006  | 
A new Trojan poses as a Google toolbar update, but it's really a botnet trap
Bucks for Bugs
News  |  7/20/2006  | 
There's money to be made, legitimate and otherwise, for those who find software vulnerabilities
Secure Computing Warns
News  |  7/20/2006  | 
Secure Computing warns that AI software used in testing by a small number of software developers is now being widely used by hackers
The 10 Biggest Myths of IT Security
News  |  7/20/2006  | 
Think you know IT security? Test yourself as Dark Reading debunks some of today's conventional wisdom
Adware Offers Bogus Security Apps
News  |  7/20/2006  | 
ProtectionBar exploit tricks users into installing apps that purportedly clean their machines of malware
Security Pros Wrestle With Data Overload
News  |  7/19/2006  | 
Rapid growth in security is creating a growth market for security information management (SIM) tools, according to a new Dark Reading report
Social Engineering, the Shoppers' Way
News  |  7/19/2006  | 
Even with magnetic card readers at its doors, your company could be vulnerable to a break-in
Red Hat Patches Linux Apps
News  |  7/18/2006  | 
Red Hat today issued four patches to close security holes in its version of Linux
Getting Buggy with the MOBB
News  |  7/18/2006  | 
Instigator of Month of Browser Bugs promises more fun stuff on the way
SecureWorks Anticipates Attacks
News  |  7/18/2006  | 
SecureWorks has seen a dramatic increase in hacker attacks attempted against its banking, credit union and utility clients
New Rootkit Plays Hard to Get
News  |  7/17/2006  | 
Researchers discover new exploit that effectively hides from popular malware detection tools
Survey Urges High Alert
News  |  7/17/2006  | 
According to a recent survey, homeland computer security should be on high alert
New Tool Dusts for Fingerprints
News  |  7/14/2006  | 
A 'fingerprinting' tool that cracks device drivers will go public soon
Alert Logic Goes After Mid-Tier
News  |  7/14/2006  | 
Startup gets new funding to develop the on-demand security services market
Hackers Increase IM Attacks
News  |  7/14/2006  | 
Postini announced a continuing trend by hackers to attack corporate networks through lightly protected instant messaging (IM) systems
Cloudmark Reports Spikes
News  |  7/14/2006  | 
Cloudmark's ongoing monitoring of spam and phishing attacks shows a rise in phishing attempts against European institutions
Portable Danger
News  |  7/14/2006  | 
How serious is the threat of security attacks through mobile and portable devices? We want your input.
Print at Your Own Risk
News  |  7/14/2006  | 
Security researcher finds overlooked vulnerabilities in printers and other embedded devices
DNS Gets Anti-Phishing Hook
News  |  7/13/2006  | 
The new, free OpenDNS service uses DNS to fight phishing and botnets
Think You're Compliant?
News  |  7/13/2006  | 
Endforce's new Web-based security compliance assessment service shows who's running what and if it's in line with your policies
Shock and Awe
News  |  7/13/2006  | 
Human tragedy casts any threat alert in a much different light
CSI/FBI: Violations, Losses Down
News  |  7/12/2006  | 
Security violations are down, but latest CSI/FBI research shows bigger losses elsewhere
Device Drivers at Risk
News  |  7/12/2006  | 
New Windows vulnerability reveals what could be the next big target for attackers
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calibre-web is vulnerable to Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation ('Cross-site Scripting')
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-16
node-fetch is vulnerable to Exposure of Sensitive Information to an Unauthorized Actor
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-16
phoronix-test-suite is vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-15
ownCloud owncloud/client before 2.9.2 allows Resource Injection by a server into the desktop client via a URL, leading to remote code execution.
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-15
The files_antivirus component before 1.0.0 for ownCloud mishandles the protection mechanism by which malicious files (that have been uploaded to a public share) are supposed to be deleted upon detection.