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Content tagged with Vulnerabilities / Threats posted in April 2012
Picking Apart Malware In The Cloud
News  |  4/30/2012  | 
Setting up a lab to analyze potentially malicious binaries takes time, so more companies are signing up for services that handle the work
Conficker Hard To Kill
News  |  4/30/2012  | 
Eight reasons why killing Conficker remains so tough
8 Reasons Conficker Malware Won't Die
News  |  4/30/2012  | 
Poor corporate password practices and continuing use of Autorun help explain why eradicating this three-year-old worm has been so difficult.
Busted In 60 Seconds: Malware Reveals Itself In First Minute
News  |  4/27/2012  | 
Nearly half of all malicious programs attempt to communicate out to the Internet in the first minute. Companies need to listen more closely to their networks
Congress Raises Alarm On Iranian Cyber Threat
News  |  4/26/2012  | 
United States should pay attention to threat of Iranian cyber-attacks, say members of Congress and panelists.
Iranian Cyberthreat To U.S. A Growing Concern
News  |  4/26/2012  | 
'Seismic shift' in Iran's cyberstrategy, but the U.S. is lacking an official strategy for response and offense, experts tell Congress
VMware Breached, More Hypervisor Source Code To Come
News  |  4/26/2012  | 
Hacker Hardcore Charlie reveals stolen VMware source code and documents from Asian defense contractors, promises more disclosures in May.
Facebook's Newest Move To Tighten Security
News  |  4/25/2012  | 
Facebook enlists the help of Microsoft and four other security vendors as it improves defenses against malware, phishing, and spam. One tactic: Block malicious URLs.
Mac Users Face Office Update Bugs, Flashback Variants
News  |  4/25/2012  | 
Microsoft removes an automated update for Office for Mac 2011 after users report corrupted Mac Outlook settings, and a new version of Flashback malware surfaces.
Security Teams Need Better Intel, More Offense
News  |  4/24/2012  | 
Adversaries go through five steps to prepare and execute an attack, but defenders only react to the last two steps. It's time for defenders to add intelligence gathering, counterintel, and even offense to the game, security experts say
DNS Changer: FBI Updates Net Access Shutoff Plans
News  |  4/24/2012  | 
The FBI called: Your malware-infected PC or router needs to get clean, or lose Internet access.
Federal Cyber Overhaul Cost: $710 Million Through 2017
News  |  4/24/2012  | 
Changes to the Federal Information Security Management Act would set the federal government back $710 million over the next five years, according to an estimate by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.
Mac Security After Flashback: 5 Key Points
News  |  4/24/2012  | 
Where does the Apple security situation stand in the wake of the Flashback Trojan outbreak? Consider these important data points.
2012 U.S. Election And Targeted Attack Predictions
Commentary  |  4/22/2012  | 
How the increased level and sophistication of of targeted attacks since 2008 may impact this year's U.S. Presidential election campaigns
Anonymous Drives Security Fears, But Not Spending
News  |  4/20/2012  | 
Information security budgets remain focused on stopping malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), which tend to do more damage in the long run than hacktivists' SQL injection and DDoS attacks.
Apple Mac Attack Began With Infected WordPress Sites
News  |  4/20/2012  | 
Security researchers watch for a possible Flashback comeback by the botnet operators.
Linsanity, Whitney's Death, And New Android Threats Dominate This Quarter's Cybercrime Scene
News  |  4/20/2012  | 
Trend Micro issues new security roundup report for Q1 2012
Anonymous Builds New Haven For Stolen Data
News  |  4/19/2012  | 
Saying Pastebin has censored its posts, Anonymous creates AnonPaste, a new site where hacktivists can dump stolen data.
Anonymous Must Evolve Or Break Down, Say Researchers
News  |  4/19/2012  | 
The movement started as an Internet meme and grew into a complex and chaotic community. Security experts argue that the Anonymous brand is now in danger of imploding
Former FBI Cybercrime Top Cop Joins Startup That Targets The Attacker
News  |  4/18/2012  | 
Shawn Henry now heading up services arm of CrowdStrike, the semi-stealth startup that plans to more aggressively profile, target, and, ultimately, help unmask sophisticated cyberattackers
Mac Trojan Fallout: Apple Security Glory Days Gone?
Commentary  |  4/18/2012  | 
Apple's reputation as an unattractive target for malware writers changed when the Flashback trojan hit more than 600,000 Macs. But Windows security still looks worse.
Flashback Malware Eradication Campaign Slower Than Expected
News  |  4/18/2012  | 
Efforts to remove infection from Apple computers is not as effective as security experts had hoped.
Anonymous Hackers Not Smart On Anonymity, Feds Say
News  |  4/18/2012  | 
For second time recently, authorities arrest an alleged Anonymous member after he shared too many details via social media.
Two Mac Trojans: Apple Patching Fast Enough?
News  |  4/16/2012  | 
Attackers behind the Flashback and SabPub malware likely reverse-engineered a Java vulnerability patched for Windows almost two months ago by Oracle.
Caution: That New Angry Birds Game Could Be Malware
Quick Hits  |  4/16/2012  | 
New Android malware claims to be new game version, but actually turns your Droid into a bot
Firefox To Require Permission For Plug-Ins
News  |  4/13/2012  | 
Mozilla hopes to make Firefox more secure by having users opt in for plug-ins.
Apple Changes Security Playbook With Flashback Response
News  |  4/12/2012  | 
Responding to malware spread by the huge Flashback botnet, Apple has for the first time come clean about a threat before it's readied a fix. Is it a new security day in Cupertino?
Court Reverses Conviction Of Former Goldman Sachs Employee In Source-Code Theft Case
News  |  4/12/2012  | 
An appeals court found a former programmer did not violate the laws he was charged with when he uploaded proprietary code to a remote server
Samba Patch: Linux Users Should Apply Immediately
News  |  4/12/2012  | 
Dangerous vulnerability in a pervasive tool for running Linux systems in a Windows environment opens door for an attacker to access systems without requiring any authentication.
Linux Users Beware: Patch New Samba Flaw 'Immediately'
News  |  4/11/2012  | 
Samba bug could spur targeted attacks or a worm -- but not all affected systems will get patched
Utah's Medicaid Data Breach Worse Than Expected
News  |  4/11/2012  | 
Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS) reveals 780,000 individuals have been affected by the theft of sensitive Medicaid information. That's far worse than initial estimates.
Malware Writers Pack In Better Encryption
News  |  4/11/2012  | 
Expert analysis finds the bad guys increasingly use stronger encryption to protect their malware and botnets.
Malware Encryption Efforts Mixed, But Getting Stronger
News  |  4/10/2012  | 
Russian botnets mostly use crypto, Chinese attacks mostly don't, but attack analysis finds that the bad guys are increasingly using better encryption
How Malware Gets Backed Up Along With Data
News  |  4/10/2012  | 
Malware is widely bypassing AV and other controls, getting backed up like any legitimate data, and re-infecting enterprise systems during restore.
Data Security: Who's Winning The Cyberwar?
News  |  4/9/2012  | 
The growing sophistication of cyber-attacks and the proliferation of vulnerabilities resulting from the rise of mobile computing are forcing financial institutions to rethink data security and embrace new fraud-fighting techniques and technologies, including real-time monitoring.
How To Prevent Enterprise Data Leaks
News  |  4/9/2012  | 
Data can find its way out through accidents or malice. Here are some tips to keep your essential information secure.
9 Most Costly Financial Services Data Breaches
News  |  4/9/2012  | 
Global Payments breach, which affected MasterCard and Visa customers, is only the latest in string of hacks and data thefts that have cost financial institutions millions of dollars.
Tech Insight: Getting Ready For Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
News  |  4/6/2012  | 
DLP is a business issue requiring the co-existence of people and process with technology
Inside IT Security's New Reality: Damage Containment
News  |  4/6/2012  | 
More security experts and vendors are espousing the view that bad guys will eventually sneak into your corporate network, even your big data. Can your IT team contain the damage once the hackers arrive?
Mac Botnet Now 600,000 Infected Machines Strong
News  |  4/5/2012  | 
Apple has issued a patch for its version of Java, but critics say it should have acted sooner to contain a trojan variant called Flashback, which has infected an estimated 1% of all Macs.
How To Prevent Data Leaks From Happening To Your Organization
News  |  4/5/2012  | 
Data can find its way out through accidents or malice. Here are some tips for keeping your essential information from walking out the door.
Global Payments Breach: Big Authentication Lessons
News  |  4/3/2012  | 
Weaknesses in knowledge-based authentication and mag-stripe are highlighted in security experts' examination of the breach that affected credit card customers.
Most Popular Internet Sites Consistently Serving Up Malware
Quick Hits  |  4/3/2012  | 
Study of Alexa's top 25,000 sites finds 58 serving drive-by downloads of malicious code

Ransomware Is Not the Problem
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How Can I Test the Security of My Home-Office Employees' Routers?
John Bock, Senior Research Scientist,  6/7/2021
New Ransomware Group Claiming Connection to REvil Gang Surfaces
Jai Vijayan, Contributing Writer,  6/10/2021
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RIOT-OS 2021.01 before commit 85da504d2dc30188b89f44c3276fc5a25b31251f contains a buffer overflow which could allow attackers to obtain sensitive information.