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Content tagged with Vulnerabilities / Threats posted in January 2008
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Fortify Offers States Analysis
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
Secretaries of State are offered free source code analyzer to ensure security of state-owned electronic voting systems
Malware for Windows Is Widespread
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
BitDefender Lab's top 10 malware list for January reveals domination of malware exploiting Microsoft Windows Graphics
Spyware Threat Isn't Dead, Experts Say
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
Traditional spyware attacks being replaced by more clandestine, malware-style deployments
Startup Aims for Meatier Signatures
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
New technology promises more visibility into threats, fewer false positives
Stopping Google Blog Spam
News  |  1/31/2008  | 
Removing spam from your Google blog - in seven 'easy' steps
90% of Facebook Apps Have Unnecessary Access to Private Data
Quick Hits  |  1/31/2008  | 
Researcher is building a prototype to protect users' privacy from Facebook 'widgets'
Lumension Rolls Out Security Configuration
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
Lumension Security unveils new configuration management to help organizations streamline compliance, improve posture, and reduce costs
MessageLabs Releases Jan. Spam Report
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
MessageLabs intelligence: spammers exploit new year diffidence - financial uncertainties and personal insecurities
Paper Outlines Methods for Beating Anonymity Technology
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
University professor postulates multiple methods for collecting data on 'anonymous' users
'L0pht ' Reunion on Tap
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
Famed and controversial '90s hacker group plans on-stage get-together in March in Boston
Real Estate Investment Trusts Deploys NAC
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
One of nation's largest real estate investment trusts deploys Mirage Networks to protect against zeroday threats
IR for the Enterprise
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
Mandiant's new incident response appliance carries a big price tag, but comes with heavy-duty features
11 Truths We Hate to Admit
News  |  1/30/2008  | 
To get better, we need to admit we have a few problems
Real Men Don't Fear the Web
Quick Hits  |  1/30/2008  | 
Study reveals 'macho factor' in online security as many males express overconfidence in their system integrity
Researchers Expose 'Stupid Phisher Tricks'
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Researchers discover that phishers aren't so good at covering their tracks and protecting their 'booty'
Researchers, Vendors Gear Up for Whaling Attacks
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Increasingly sophisticated phishing exploits target top executives, wealthy end-users
Barracuda Responds to Trend Micro Lawsuit
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Barracuda Networks defends free and open source software from patent threat by Trend Micro
Akonix: IM Threats More Sophisticated
News  |  1/29/2008  | 
Akonix issues warnings on trends in instant messaging threat activity; publishes January IM threat report
One-Fourth of iPhones Hacked to Bypass AT&T
Quick Hits  |  1/29/2008  | 
Analyst estimates that 1 million iPhones have been 'unlocked'
Klocwork Rolls Out Insight
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Klocwork Insight delivers innovative, patent-pending technology to empower the developer community
IronPort Upgrades Email Security Appliance
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
IronPort eases messaging administrator's workload with advanced M-Series security management appliance
Exploit Could Taint Forensics
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attack could falsely implicate an innocent user
Societe Generale: How Did It Happen?
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Investigation continues as French bank and others try to figure out how a junior trader lost $7B
Metasploit Gets User-Friendlier
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Version 3.1 of the popular open hacking tool is available
FaceTime Discovers DIY Phishing Kit
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
FaceTime Security researchers expose 'do-it-yourself' phishing generator for hacking Webmail and social networking sites
Medical Clinic Goes NAC
News  |  1/28/2008  | 
Cooper Clinic secured via managed network access control deployment
Enterprises Rolling on Logs
Quick Hits  |  1/28/2008  | 
Once seen as a necessary evil, security logs are now becoming an everyday data source, survey says
Hackers Attack Scientology
Quick Hits  |  1/25/2008  | 
"Anonymous" group launches denial of service attacks on church sites in retribution for YouTube's withdrawal of Cruise video clip
Attackers Abuse Google Blogger
News  |  1/25/2008  | 
Blogger is flooded with phony blogs - including some that inject malware
University Nixes Cisco NAC for ConSentry's
News  |  1/25/2008  | 
Failed NAC installation led Fayetteville State University to go with a Cisco competitor for NAC and switching
Interview With a Web App Security Pro
News  |  1/24/2008  | 
If you're looking to hire a good Web application security expert, be sure you're asking the right questions
Feds Say 'Adios' to Admin Rights on Windows
News  |  1/24/2008  | 
The Federal Desktop Core Configuration mandate for Windows XP and Vista clients goes into effect on February 1
SecureMac Intros MacScan Family Pack
News  |  1/24/2008  | 
Anti-spyware software protects up to 3 computers on a home network
Microsoft: Vista Has Fewer Flaws Than Other First-Year OSes
News  |  1/23/2008  | 
Vista logged fewer vulnerabilities in its first year than XP, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Apple Mac OS X did in their first years
Most Malware Now Comes From Legitimate Sites
Quick Hits  |  1/23/2008  | 
Biggest danger is no longer purpose-built malicious sites, but legit sites that are unwittingly distributing dangerous code
Keeping an Eye on the Weakest Link
News  |  1/23/2008  | 
Beware the vulnerabilities you create when you merge new units or acquisitions into your corporate network
Packet Analytics Launches Net/FSE
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
Packet Analytics launches Net/FSE, free downloadable network forensic search engine
BullGuard Offers Free Spam Filter
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
BullGuard declares war on spam with free Spamfilter
'Drive-By Pharming' Now a Reality, Researchers Say
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
Theoretical exploit that allows attackers to hijack DNS servers and routers has been spotted in the wild, Symantec says
FireEye Appoints 2 Execs
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
FireEye attracts 2 of the industry's most renowned security experts and technologists
New VOIP 'Call-Jacking' Hack Unleashed
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
Researchers release proof-of-concept for advanced phishing and stealing VOIP calls
SonicWall Aventail E-Class Gets Enhanced AV
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
SonicWall Aventail E Class remote access solution to offer enhanced integration with antivirus protection
Hacking Wireless Headsets
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
Those cool wireless headsets keep your hands free - and give hackers the ability to eavesdrop on your conversations
V.i. Labs Enhances CodeArmor
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
V.i. Labs unveils enhancements to CodeArmor for enterprise organizations and software vendors
Fortinet Warns Mobile Users of Worm
News  |  1/22/2008  | 
The FortiGuard Global Security Research Team discovered a new SymbianOS Worm actively spreading on various mobile phone networks
Criminal Gangs Hit Macs for 1st Time
News  |  1/21/2008  | 
New Sophos security report reveals cybercriminals moving beyond Microsoft
Panda Security Rolls Out Anti-Fraud Service
News  |  1/21/2008  | 
Panda Security uses 'collective intelligence' to stop online frauds with availability of Panda Security for internet transactions
A 'Swift' Kick to the Secure Development Process
News  |  1/18/2008  | 
New system makes it easier to write secure, robust, and high-performance Web applications
Tech Insight: Incident Response
News  |  1/18/2008  | 
IR tools speed up response time to a security breach and help minimize the damage
Los Alamos Labs Vets Launch Forensics Company
News  |  1/18/2008  | 
Startup Packet Analytics, founded by former DOE lab security analysts, to launch company, product on Tuesday
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Cesanta MJS v2.20.0 was discovered to contain a SEGV vulnerability via add_lineno_map_item at src/mjs_bcode.c. This vulnerability can lead to a Denial of Service (DoS).
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Cesanta MJS v2.20.0 was discovered to contain a SEGV vulnerability via parse_cval_type at src/mjs_ffi.c. This vulnerability can lead to a Denial of Service (DoS).
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-27
Cesanta MJS v2.20.0 was discovered to contain a SEGV vulnerability via free_json_frame at src/mjs_json.c. This vulnerability can lead to a Denial of Service (DoS).
PUBLISHED: 2022-01-27
Cesanta MJS v2.20.0 was discovered to contain a SEGV vulnerability via mjs_set_internal at src/mjs_object.c. This vulnerability can lead to a Denial of Service (DoS).