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Content posted in June 2010
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Intel Lab To Study Computer, Human Interaction
News  |  6/30/2010  | 
The interaction and experience research division will focus on natural interfaces, such as touch, gesture and voice.
Have A Secure Summer Vacation
Commentary  |  6/30/2010  | 
With summer now here officially, many of you are most likely planning vacations, and you probably want to be able to connect to the Internet during your vacation. But how do you do this securely?
The Secret Life Of Teens Online
Quick Hits  |  6/30/2010  | 
New McAfee report shows teenagers think they're safe online, but their actions demonstrate otherwise
FairPoint Landline Service Plan Rejected
News  |  6/30/2010  | 
The Vermont Public Service Board rejected Fairpoint's plan to provide service to former Verizon landline customers.
Which Platform Is Safer: Android, Blackberry, or iPhone?
Commentary  |  6/30/2010  | 
With the hand-held platform battle over market share heating up, more people are wondering just which platforms may be safer from attackers and snoops.
Google Search Partially Blocked In China
News  |  6/30/2010  | 
The company isn't prepared to speculate about whether the technical issues are related to its ongoing tension with the Chinese government.
Protecting SSH From The Masses
Commentary  |  6/30/2010  | 
SSH brute-force attacks are not uncommon against computer systems sitting on public IP addresses. Script kiddies and botnet-infected systems are scanning the Internet looking for low-hanging fruit (think: weak passwords) to leverage for additional attacks, website defacements, or attack-tool storage.
Lack Of Security Focus Puts SMBs In Harm's Way
News  |  6/30/2010  | 
Small and midsize businesses can be easier to secure than larger enterprises, but few have traditionally made the effort
Dark Reading Launches New Tech Center On Security For Small And Midsize Enterprises
Commentary  |  6/30/2010  | 
Today Dark Reading launches a new feature: the SMB Security Tech Center, a subsite of Dark Reading devoted to bringing you news, insight, and in-depth reporting on the topic of data security in small and midsize businesses.
Keeping Data Forever vs. Data Retention
Commentary  |  6/30/2010  | 
Keeping data forever vs. data retention is going to become an increasingly fierce battle. In the past data retention strategies always won but as we discussed in our first entry in the series the technology is now available to store data forever and as we discussed in the second entry the technology is there to find it when you need it.
Network Intercept Announces Free Malware And Site Scanning For Websites
News  |  6/30/2010  | 
First 10,000 websites to sign up will receive free protection service
The Failure Of Cryptography To Secure Modern Networks
Commentary  |  6/30/2010  | 
For a while now, I've pointed out that cryptography is singularly ill-suited to solve the major network security problems of today: denial-of-service attacks, website defacement, theft of credit card numbers, identity theft, viruses and worms, DNS attacks, network penetration, and so on.
Hulu Launches Premium Video Subscription Service
News  |  6/30/2010  | 
Hulu Plus subscribers will have access to full seasons of all shows currently offered by the video site and access shows via an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch app.
Busted Alleged Russian Spies Used Steganography To Conceal Communications
News  |  6/29/2010  | 
'Deep-cover' Russian intelligence agents hid electronic messages behind computer images
No PDF Updates Anymore--Anyone Interested?
Commentary  |  6/29/2010  | 
Adobe has published its security updates for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.
11 Alleged Russian Secret Agents Charged
News  |  6/29/2010  | 
The complaints filed against the alleged spies reveal a sophisticated high-tech investigation.
Researchers Report Vulnerability In Microsoft Office 2010
Quick Hits  |  6/29/2010  | 
European researchers say they've discovered a flaw in Excel 2010, and another possible bug in Word 2010
Google China Redirection To End
News  |  6/29/2010  | 
Chinese authorities don't appreciate Google's practice of sending searchers in China to its uncensored Hong Kong search site.
Security Managers Report Weak Threat Defenses
News  |  6/29/2010  | 
Many organizations don't realize when they're being hit by zero-day and other advanced attacks, and they aren't responding effectively either, the Ponemon Institute reports.
Novell Delivers Log Management Software Appliance
News  |  6/29/2010  | 
Novell Sentinel Log Manager 1.1 integrates with Novell Sentinel and the Novell Identity Management suite
Hackers Busted In Online Poker Cheats
Commentary  |  6/28/2010  | 
Korean police nabbed 33 hackers who were using bots to cheat online poker players from November 2009 through May of this year.
Google Android Market Under Fire
News  |  6/28/2010  | 
A prominent programmer's call for Google to improve its Android Market is echoed by Android users and developers.
Obama Plans To Double Available Wireless Spectrum
News  |  6/28/2010  | 
The administration's proposal calls for making 500 megahertz of spectrum available over the next 10 years.
White House Cybersecurity Czar Unveils National Strategy For Trusted Online Identity
News  |  6/28/2010  | 
Devil's in the details for Obama administration's draft plan for eliminating passwords and advancing authentication, security expert say
Google Admitted To Colorado, Iowa Schools
News  |  6/28/2010  | 
Savings and availability from anywhere figure into educators' interest, Google says.
The Blurred Line Between Business And Personal Online Use
Quick Hits  |  6/28/2010  | 
IDC-Unisys report shows enterprises struggling to keep up with workers adopting smartphones, social media, other consumer technologies for both home and work use
Supreme Court Patent Ruling Avoids Tough Issues
News  |  6/28/2010  | 
Rejecting the Bilski business method patent claim, the Supreme Court has pleased defenders of the status quo and frustrated those seeking patent reform.
What's Apple Doing With Geolocation Data?
News  |  6/28/2010  | 
Congressmen ask for explanation about alterations in the company's privacy policy
Android, iPhone, "Kill Switch" Capabilities
Commentary  |  6/27/2010  | 
The recent security related events surrounding Google Android highlights why users must exercise constant vigilance in the applications they choose to install on their handsets, and raises questions about the ability for vendors to reach into your handset to remove potentially nasty software.
PayPal Allows Apps To Accept Payment
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
Guest Payments, part of the PayPal Adaptive Payments API, allows developers to offer direct credit card payment in applications with requiring PayPal membership.
FTC Security Smackdown And Twitter's Hollow Excuses
Commentary  |  6/25/2010  | 
The social networking site Twitter has settled with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission regarding charges that it failed to properly safeguard the data of its users.
Prioritizing And Fixing Security Vulnerabilities: A Reader's Guide
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
You've done your vuln scanning and found some flaws. What do you do now?
Tech Insight: Three Steps To Better Database Security
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
Protecting your most sensitive data could involve discovery and auditing, as well as security
Congressmen Ask Apple To Explain Privacy Policy Changes
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
Concerns over reports suggesting Apple is collecting and sharing geo-location data of iPhone and iPad users prompted the request sent to Steve Jobs.
White House Releases Draft Digital Identity Strategy
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
Rather than mandating a national online ID, the proposed strategy urges development of secure, standard, interoperable framework for online transactions.
What Role For Intrusion Prevention?
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
The network intrusion prevention system isn't like the firewall--it's not a must-have security tool at most big companies.
There's No (New) Internet Kill Switch
Commentary  |  6/25/2010  | 
The Lieberman-Collins cybersecurity bill passed out of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Thursday to await consideration by the full Senate. But not everyone is satisfied with what it says.
The Types Of SSD Cache
Commentary  |  6/25/2010  | 
In our last entry we discussed the value of using solid state disk (SSD) as a cache, which provides a simpler on-ramp to the accelerated world of SSD. With SSD cache there are no or limited changes needed to applications and using SSD as a cache does not require a large capacity investment in the more premium priced technology.
WiFi Hacker Indicted In Veep Threat
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
A Minnesota man is accused of sending threatening e-mail to Vice President Biden through his neighbor's WiFi network.
FTC Slaps Twitter Down Hard For Lax Security, Privacy Violations
Quick Hits  |  6/25/2010  | 
Social networking site's claims will be scrutinized for 20 years; security program will be audited for 10 years
Network Security Threats Increasing
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
IT managers say mounting security risks combined with insufficient budgeting and staffing puts their organizations in danger, according to a netForensics study.
Comodo Warns Of VeriSign SSL Vulnerability
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
VeriSign said the supposed certificate request flaw is actually a feature and accused Comodo of not following standard vulnerability disclosure guidelines.
China Unicom To Launch App Store
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
Unistore will offer mobile apps for smartphones and tablet computers.
China Tightens Online Gaming Regulations
News  |  6/25/2010  | 
The Ministry of Culture's Interim Measures for Internet Games in an attempt to protect minors from "unwholesome" content.
White House Preparing National Online ID Plan
News  |  6/24/2010  | 
The proposed system for authenticating people, organizations and infrastructure on the web at the transactional level will require an identity ecosystem.
Twitter, Feds Settle Security Charges
News  |  6/24/2010  | 
Twitter must establish and maintain a "comprehensive information security program" and allow third-party review of the program biannually for the 10 years.
Report: Two-Thirds Of Android Apps 'Suspicious'
News  |  6/24/2010  | 
Google, however, says SMobile Systems' report has problems
Kraken Botnet Making A Resurgence, Researcher Says
Quick Hits  |  6/24/2010  | 
Dismantled in 2009, once-powerful botnet is up to half its former size
iPhone iOS 4 Security
Commentary  |  6/24/2010  | 
Apple iPhone hit the streets today. I happened to be one of the lucky few who had his delivered by FedEx on Wednesday. So I had some time to kick around with it a bit, and took a look at its (lack) of new security features.
AT&T iPad Breaches Are About App Security, Not Mobile Devices, Experts Say
News  |  6/24/2010  | 
Gaffes offer lessons for IT security organizations, according to analysts
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A cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in the Activity module 6.x-1.x for Drupal.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-21
An issue was discovered in Symfony before 4.2.12 and 4.3.x before 4.3.8. The VarExport component incorrectly escapes strings, allowing some specially crafted ones to escalate to execution of arbitrary PHP code. This is related to symfony/var-exporter.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-21
An issue was discovered in Symfony 2.8.0 through 2.8.50, 3.4.0 through 3.4.34, 4.2.0 through 4.2.11, and 4.3.0 through 4.3.7. The UriSigner was subject to timing attacks. This is related to symfony/http-kernel.
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-21
An issue was discovered in Symfony 2.8.0 through 2.8.50, 3.4.0 through 3.4.34, 4.2.0 through 4.2.11, and 4.3.0 through 4.3.7. If an application passes unvalidated user input as the file for which MIME type validation should occur, then arbitrary arguments are passed to the underlying file command. T...
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-21
An issue was discovered in Symfony 3.4.0 through 3.4.34, 4.2.0 through 4.2.11, and 4.3.0 through 4.3.7. Serializing certain cache adapter interfaces could result in remote code injection. This is related to symfony/cache.