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Content posted in April 2008
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Apple Issues QuickTime Security Fix
News  |  4/4/2008  | 
Apple patched 11 vulnerabilities, nine of which might have allowed an attacker to execute malicious code on a victim's machine.
U.S. Health Agency Forbids Sensitive Data On Apple MacBooks
News  |  4/4/2008  | 
Employees who store medical records on laptops must use systems that run either on Microsoft's Windows operating system or Linux.
FBI Cybercrime Figures: Losses Up, Crimes Down
Commentary  |  4/4/2008  | 
The new FBI cybercrime figures offer plenty of statistics to scare us, even more to keep us on our toes, and a smidgen of hope among the bad news.
States Get Extensions On Real ID Act
News  |  4/4/2008  | 
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has granted extensions to every state as well as the District of Columbia and all five U.S. territories.
Inconvenient Lack of Truth
News  |  4/4/2008  | 
We'll never be able to fix our security problems until we start truthfully sharing breach information
'Transient' Hacks Become Attackers' New Favorites
News  |  4/4/2008  | 
Some attackers now prefer making quick, precision strikes on a Website to evade detection -- and then moving on to another one
KeyCorp Unlocks Method for Extending Single Sign-on
News  |  4/4/2008  | 
Financial services firm looks to stretch SSO to business partners
Study: Cell Phone Talkers Need to Shut Up
Quick Hits  |  4/4/2008  | 
Vodafone research shows all that yammering in public places may lead to loss of business and personal data
Microsoft Ready To Patch Eight Security Flaws Next Week
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
The software maker's monthly batch even includes important fixes for Microsoft Vista Service Patch (I mean Pack) 1.
A Federal Indictment, That's What
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
Stop me if you've heard this one: What do you get if you try to board a flight to China while carrying confidential documents, a thumb drive, four external hard drives, 29 recordable CDs, a videotape, and $30,000 in cash?
Random Search Stops $600 Million In Trade Secrets Bound For China
News  |  4/3/2008  | 
The feds have indicated a software engineer who was flying to China with confidential technical documents, a thumb drive, four external hard drives, 29 recordable compact discs, and a videotape.
Microsoft Plans Five 'Critical' Security Updates For Windows, Explorer
News  |  4/3/2008  | 
The fixes apply to Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.
Next-Gen Crypto Method Will Help Secure Mobile Apps
News  |  4/3/2008  | 
Certicom will demo new Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)-based mobile ticketing, RFID tag technologies at the RSA conference
Security Market Gets Physical
Commentary  |  4/3/2008  | 
Historically, enterprise security consisted of putting a deadbolt lock on the front door. Hackers hijinks shifted companies attention to computer system breaches, but recently a sense of dj vu has arisen as corporations are again focusing on physical security.
Confident or Clueless? Majority of Americans Feel Safe Online
Quick Hits  |  4/3/2008  | 
Even as malware rises to epidemic proportions, users say 'no worries,' according to StopBadware.org poll
Enterprise Networks Rife With Unauthorized Apps, Study Says
News  |  4/3/2008  | 
Employees use variety of tactics to circumvent IT policies and misuse the corporate network
A Paradigm Spins Down
Commentary  |  4/2/2008  | 
Which is better (and less cliché) than a paradigm that shifts, in my opinion. But based on public and private comments from readers, it's well past time to do away with these fault-prone spinning platters called storage arrays. Here's why.
Only 2% Of Internet Traffic is 'Raw Sewage'
Commentary  |  4/2/2008  | 
This figure, recently touted by Arbor Networks, strikes me as very low.
Halvar Flake: Reverse-Engineered
News  |  4/2/2008  | 
Security expert Thomas Dullien chats about Vikings, VCs, guinea pigs, and his flap with US Customs
Grocery Data Breach Offers Important Endpoint Lessons
Commentary  |  4/2/2008  | 
The data breach that struck 300 or so of grocery retailer Hannaford Bros.' stores and snatched over 4 million credit and debit card numbers carries some important lessons in how not to secure your network -- and your customers' private information.
Davidson Cos. Sued for Negligence in Data Breach
Quick Hits  |  4/2/2008  | 
Lawsuit confirms that companies can be held liable for failing to provide adequate security
RSA Takes Suite Approach to Data Leak Prevention
News  |  4/2/2008  | 
Next-gen technology can inspect data, classify it, and apply policies on how to secure it
Mission Creep And Storage
Commentary  |  4/1/2008  | 
Anyone who has ever worked in an organization of, say, more than 50 people is aware of the phenomenon of mission-creep. It's always clear that it has occurred when the person whose initial job was ordering Post-its finds himself handling quality control, handling "external relations" (whatever that is), and traveling two-thirds of the time to make sure branch offices are using the right copying paper. Does any of this ring a bell for today's storage professionals?
Universal Malware Defense Found -- By Accident!
Commentary  |  4/1/2008  | 
What we've all been waiting for seems to have arrived -- a universal and perpetual, unbreachable defense against malware in its many forms. And like most great breakthroughs, this one came about unexpectedly.
A Peek at ISP DDOS, Spam Traffic Trends
News  |  4/1/2008  | 
An average of 1,300 distributed denial-of-service attacks hit each day, according to data from Arbor Networks's ISP customers
New Reality TV Show Pits Hackers Vs. Nature
Quick Hits  |  4/1/2008  | 
Britney to host series that challenges hackers to create exploits -- without tools
'Fight Club' Aims to Test Pornography Filters
News  |  4/1/2008  | 
Last year, it proved that antivirus products don't stop all viruses. Now Untangle prepares to show how much porn can escape 'safe' content filters
A Little Small-Mindedness
Commentary  |  4/1/2008  | 
Who says old molecules can't be taught new tricks? Japanese researchers have concocted a new molecule that reverses cirrhosis damage -- at least in lab rats. So as you contemplate the wisdom of that next beer, let us marvel at other small-scale breakthroughs in storage.
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