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Bayshore Networks Extends PallatonCapabilities for High-Value IP Protection

Security requirements mandated by corporate boards are driving advanced policy features


NEW YORK, July 29, 2014 – Bayshore Networks®, which is setting the standard for operational and security policy for the Internet of Things, today announced that it has extended its Pallaton™ policy engine with advanced features for High-Value Intellectual Property (IP) Protection.  The new features are already being deployed at Fortune 100 enterprises, defense industry contractors, and global media firms.

“Crown jewel protection concerns are now being driven from the board level,” said Francis Cianfrocca, Founder & CEO of Bayshore Networks.  “This has led us to focus on inspecting corporate document content at an extremely deep level.”

Key Differentiator

Bayshore’s High-Value IP Protection solution is based on the Bayshore SE™ (Secure Enterprise) platform. Because it inspects content at line rate, Bayshore SE mitigates rogue insider and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to sensitive IP.  Its content inspection performance has been benchmarked at faster than 10 Gbps. While traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions prevent sensitive content from crossing network boundaries, Bayshore SE provides unprecedented visibility and access control by evaluating the content moving through network choke points. 

The key differentiator for Bayshore SE is the flexibility of Pallaton’s policy evaluation and enforcement. This flexibility enables enterprises to track usage patterns and to create classifications by people, by document, by traffic, or even by metadata. Customers can create content around any of their classifications and then create policy around it.

Advanced Features
Pallaton inspects data transmitted across the network as a result of access to file-repository web applications, Windows file shares, NFS mounts, email attachments, FTP sites, etc.  Inspection is performed at high speed with more detailed reporting than current DLP solutions.

Pallaton rules are quickly configurable – particularly for organizations that already track their own data content categories. Pallaton inspects Layer 7 content and makes rules-based decisions dynamically, in real-time, enabling policy evaluation to become policy enforcement.  With its advanced new features, Pallaton’s user-configurable rules have been extended to inspect outside content; competitive solutions offer bundles of signatures that are difficult to customize.

Pallaton’s application-layer inspection capabilities now enable it to inspect every level of every document in an archive.  Pallaton can extract and inspect content from multi-level archives such as Zips, Tarballs and shell codes, and utilize the customers’ existing YARA rules. YARA is a popular tool that helps security professionals identify and classify malware. 

In summary, Bayshore SE’s advanced features for High-Value IP Protection provide extremely high performance, configurability tailored to the customer’s categories (not signatures), and actionability enabled by enforcement of policies.

Board-Level Support
“Directed support must be obtained from senior executive management, legal counsel, audit team, board of directors or other senior business influencers with the ability to direct the activities and the funding of business initiatives before the launch of any content-aware DLP deployment,” advised Gartner’s Eric Ouellet and Rob McMillan in their report “Anticipate and Overcome the Five Key Obstacles to Success in Content-Aware DLP Deployments” (24 March 2014).

“Content-aware DLP deployments need to be focused on existing business problems that are supported by individual business-based initiatives and be limited in scope to the most pressing issues, rather than attempting to be everything to everyone.”

About Bayshore Networks, Inc.

Bayshore Networks is setting the standard for operational and security policy for the Internet of Things. Our industrial-strength cybersecurity platform is developed exclusively in the United States and is trusted by world leaders in Industrial Controls, Critical Infrastructure and Global Enterprise.

The open, flexible Bayshore platform provides a foundation for organization-wide policy execution. It enables you to quickly deploy, evaluate and enforce industry standards and customized application-layer policies that drive your business objectives. Bayshore’s core technology is Pallaton™, an embedded, extensible, XML-based policy language.

The Bayshore platform is fast and flexible, providing content-aware inspection at line rate. It operates at the network core rather than at the perimeter, so its ultra high speed is a distinct advantage. Its easy extensibility enables it to quickly adapt to any protocol in your environment – including those that operate things.

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