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Tripwire Announces Technology Partnership And Integration With RedSeal Networks

Partnership provides mutual customers with comprehensive threat and vulnerability risk management
PORTLAND, OREGON --November 5, 2013 -- Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of risk-based security and compliance management solutions, and RedSeal Networks, the leader in network infrastructure security management, today announced a technology partnership and integration. The partnership provides mutual customers with comprehensive threat and vulnerability risk management by unifying vulnerability information with the topological context of assets in the network and is part of Tripwire's Technology Alliance Partner program (TAP). TAP allows a wide variety of vendors to collaborate with Tripwire on the delivery of innovative security solutions.

"We are proud to partner with RedSeal," said Rod Murchison, vice president of product management and technology alliances for Tripwire. "We believe this integration is a perfect fit for customers that need to marry network topology and vulnerabiliy management in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of enterprise risk."

Large complex networks require the implementation and management of thousands of access rules in routers, firewalls and other network infrastructure distributed across thousands of endpoints. This combination of rules, endpoints and vulnerabilities that the endpoints may possess, make enterprise risk management a complex practice. Manually determining which devices and rules are responsible for unwanted access can be both difficult and time consuming and may not always be possible. Unwanted open access paths can leave organizations open to cyberattack and allow intruders to gain access to critical data and systems.

"The integration of Tripwire® IP360&trade and RedSeal is extremely valuable as it maximizes support efficiency," said James W. Sample, senior director and chief information security officer for Pacific Gas and Electric. "Using the combined information from these two solutions enables organizations to focus on the most immediate security risks and as a result improve overall security posture."

The integration of Tripwire IP360 and the RedSeal platform provides comprehensive management of threat and vulnerability risks by unifying vulnerability information with the topological context of network assets. Tripwire IP360's vulnerability management solution ensures uniform visibility, defense and ongoing management of an organization's entire threat and vulnerability exposure. The combination of Tripwire IP360's vulnerability and risk management solution with the RedSeal platform allows end users to visualize their network topology, validate end-to-end access routes, import vulnerability scan data to prioritize remediation efforts and continuously monitor and track changes to ensure ongoing compliance.

"Today's enterprise networks are complex and ever-changing, making it extremely challenging to identify key points of attack risk on an on-going basis," said Brandon Hoffman, senior director of business development, RedSeal Networks. "The partnership and integration between RedSeal and Tripwire combines two powerful technologies that provide customers with a new approach to understanding their risk and prioritizing remediation efforts in a meaningful and effective way."

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About RedSeal Networks

RedSeal Networks, is the leading provider of network infrastructure security management solutions that continuously provide network visualization and identify critical attack risk and non-compliance in complex security infrastructure. It provides network, security, and risk management teams with a firm understanding of where security is working, where investment is needed, and where greatest cyber-attack risks lie. This understanding, or "security intelligence," enables organizations to allocate resources where needed most, embed best practice into daily operations, and take prioritized action where needed. The world's largest government and commercial organizations use RedSeal security intelligence to build world-class operations that systematically reduce attack risk over time.

About Tripwire

Tripwire is a leading global provider of risk-based security and compliance management solutions, enabling enterprises, government agencies and service providers to effectively connect security to their business. Tripwire provides the broadest set of foundational security controls including security configuration management, vulnerability management, file integrity monitoring, log and event management. Tripwire solutions deliver unprecedented visibility, business context and security business intelligence allowing extended enterprises to protect sensitive data from breaches, vulnerabilities, and threats. Learn more at, get security news, trends and insights at or follow us on Twitter @TripwireInc.