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The Safety And Hazards Of Outsourcing Security

New Dark Reading report offers a look at the benefits, pitfalls of using cloud and security service providers
The following is a summary of "The Safety and Hazards of Outsourcing Security," a new digest of recent coverage from Dark Reading's Security Services Tech Center.]

Cloud and managed security services are all the rage and help defend against denial-of-service attacks, but surrendering your data and applications to third parties comes with some risks of its own. In a new retrospective of recent news coverage, Dark Reading takes a look at the security of cloud and security services. Among the stories covered in the report:

* With budgets being squeezed and attacks becoming more voluminous, many enterprises find managed security services and software-as-a-service offerings are becoming more attractive than ever.

* Some enterprises are finding out the hard way that cloud services can be a back door to theft of their passwords and other sensitive data.

* Many websites are turning to third-party services to help defend against distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other emerging categories of cyberattack.

* PayPal is among the as-yet-unnamed organizations invited to join a new working group that ultimately will build the framework for the proposed .secure top-level Internet domain that also can be used in any existing domain as well.

* The spotty support of the next-generation Internet routing protocol, IPv6, has left companies with a network security problem that has largely passed unnoticed. While IPv6 is built into many endpoint devices and supported by a majority of networking hardware, enterprise-routing, and security features are typically lacking.

To read more about these stories and others like them, download the free report on outsourcing security services.

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