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Symplified Announces Major Security Initiative For Amazon Cloud Platform

Symplified Trust CloudT addresses regulatory compliance, single sign-on, and access management issues on the Amazon platform
BOULDER, Colo., May 19, 2010 - Symplified, the Cloud security company, today announced Symplified Trust CloudT -- the first unified identity and access management (IAM) solution designed for enterprises using the Amazon EC2 (elastic compute cloud) platform to run their applications in the cloud. Symplified Trust Cloud enables organizations to meet US, European Union, and country-specific compliance mandates for data governance; accelerate the implementation of SAML single sign-on (SSO) federation; and deploy IAM for their cloud resources in days.

"Organizations wishing to move applications to the cloud have been held back by the lack of truly native cloud-based identity management solutions. This has forced enterprises to choose either fragmented management of identity across multiple cloud application providers (with the inconvenience of multiple user logons) or an inefficient hybrid of cloud-hosted applications and on-premises identity management," said Bob Blakley, vice president and research director for industry research firm Burton Group. "The cloud's promise won't be realized until identity management can provide a single source of user administration, hosted in a cloud datacenter, supporting single sign on to multiple cloud applications by users whose accounts are managed in multiple cloud repositories."

Purpose Built IAM for Amazon EC2

Symplified Trust Cloud is a turnkey unified IAM solution that provides access management, authentication, user provisioning and administration, single sign-on (SSO), federated SSO, and usage auditing for applications running on the Amazon EC2 platform. It uses a proven proxy architecture to solve the complex IAM challenges encountered when using Amazon EC2, such as integrating enterprise and cloud identity repositories to enforce security policies. Symplified Trust Cloud provides a rich integration fabric to link on-premises infrastructure like Active Directory and ADFS 2.0 with SAML and cloud identity data from, Google, etc., with Amazon EC2 hosted applications.

To make audit and compliance reporting for EC2 applications possible, Symplified Trust Cloud maintains and centralizes comprehensive usage logs of all activity on the Amazon platform. Since it is co-located on EC2 and uses a proxy approach, Symplified Trust Cloud buffers direct access to applications and provides an additional layer of security. This loosely coupled architecture also eliminates dependencies between Symplified Trust Cloud and Amazon EC2's infrastructure.

Localized Compliance on a Global Scale

For multinational organizations that operate in different geographies, Symplified Trust Cloud makes it easy to meet national and international data governance requirements. For example, an organization can deploy multiple instances of Symplified Trust Cloud in different geographies to comply with regulatory mandates that stipulate privacy data must remain within a sovereign country's borders or a trading bloc's territory (e.g. the European Union). Trust Cloud also enables companies to avoid having their identity repositories hosted in countries with far reaching law enforcement statutes like the US Patriot Act.

"The notion of the cloud as an operating system is gaining acceptance among large and small enterprises. Symplified's Trust Cloud is designed for this new environment and enables organizations to use EC2 to provision one or more instances of our unified identity and access management solution in any of Amazon's secure data centers around the globe," said Eric Olden, CEO of Symplified. "Symplified Trust Cloud provides a pre-integrated and easy to deploy security fabric that federates multiple clouds, bridges cloud applications and on-premises infrastructure using Amazon EC2 to deliver a level of performance, reliability, and geographic reach that enterprises could not attain on their own."

Federation Simplified - Finally

To address the complex and costly integration challenges associated with enabling applications to support federated SSO using SAML, Symplified Trust Cloud provides a pre-integrated federation hub that can add federated SSO to any EC2 web application. This one-to-many federation model eliminates the need to implement federation software on each application in order to provide it with SSO capability. Applications are able to securely accept authenticated users through the Symplified Trust Cloud, which handles the SAML validation and decoding. Trust Cloud can federate with any SAML 1.1 and 2.0 application, and also uses HTTP-FED to provide federated SSO for applications that do not support SAML. Symplified Trust Cloud erases the need for federation software and its associated learning curve, cost and complexity.


Symplified Trust Cloud is available immediately on Amazon EC2, and can be purchased online from the Symplified Trust Cloud website at

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Symplified provides the Trust Fabric of the Cloud by enabling companies to extend and enforce identity and access management policies on cloud applications. SinglePoint is available as an on-premises or completely hosted solution, and uses a proven proxy architecture that works without agents or custom code to speed deployment and cut management costs by as much as 80 percent. Symplified Trust Cloud is the only IAM solution woven into the fabric of the Amazon EC2 platform and capable of delivering cloud security services on a massively scalable and global basis. Symplified's management team created Web access management, provisioning, and federation pioneer Securant and the ClearTrust product, which was acquired by RSA Security for $140 million. The company is backed by leading venture capital firms Granite Ventures and Allegis Capital. Symplified is headquartered in Boulder, Colo., with offices in Palo Alto, Calif. Visit us on the Web at