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Secerno Announces DataWall 4.0

Secerno DataWall 4.0 adds support for soft appliances and blade servers
Oxford, United Kingdom, 20 October 2009 " Secerno, the technology leader in data security, today announced the release of Secerno DataWall 4.0, which extends the industry's fastest and most powerful database protection across the largest number of deployment platforms in the industry. Secerno DataWall 4.0 can now run as a soft appliance on leading enterprise hardware platforms and blade servers.

With DataWall 4.0, Secerno can deploy in the following environments:

  • Dedicated appliances

  • Soft appliances

  • Virtual environments

  • Blade servers

  • Software monitors

    This announcement coincides with the successful completion of a series of closed beta tests of DataWall for DB2, providing security for mainframes without affecting performance or data availability. For mainframe-heavy environments, such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, and government, this capability offers real-time security and compliance without the need for system downtime. Secerno DB2 (LUW and mainframe) support is a part of the 4.2 platform release, which will come in Q1 2010.

    "Secerno is the only company that offers a complete range of deployments for customers that include software monitors, dedicated appliances, soft appliances, and blade server appliances. We can deploy single platforms that support from one to hundreds of databases at data throughputs and volumes that give our customers the lowest cost per protected database and lowest ongoing management cost available today," said Steve Hurn, CEO of Secerno. "We give customers scalable solutions that are not solely based on closed-box appliances. With DataWall, our customers can upgrade CPUs, memory, disc, and network interfaces without the need to discard old appliances because the business has outgrown them."

    About Secerno

    Secerno is an established provider of active database control, delivering the world's most advanced and comprehensive intelligent activity monitoring and database policy enforcement solution: Secerno DataWall - now uniquely available in both a hardware and virtual appliance. Secerno DataWall is designed to stop threats before data is lost or compromised (instead of simply monitoring and reporting after the damage is done). It accurately and actively blocks all threats to data, even from trusted and privileged users. At the core of Secerno DataWall is the patented SynoptiQ Engine, based on break-through research into efficient grammatical clustering. Secerno -- which is headquartered in Oxford, UK -- offers protection to customers across industries including financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail, and government agencies and departments. For more information, go to


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