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Russia Rejects DNC Breach Allegations As 'Old Trick'

Kremlin dubs US charges of its involvement in hack of Democratic National Committee email system as mere attempts to exploit Russia during US election season.

Russia has dismissed allegations by US officials that it was behind the Democratic National Committee (DNC) leak of emails and wanted Republican victory in the November 8 presidential election, reports Reuters.

"This is not breaking new ground, this is an old trick which is being played again. This is not good for our bilateral relations, but we understand that we simply have to get through this unpleasant period," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

The recent hack of DNC network and leak of sensitive emails on WikiLeaks were suspected by US authorities of being carried out by Russia-backed hackers to boost Donald Trump’s chances of winning the elections. A Trump victory is reportedly seen as favoring the Russians who expect closer ties with the US and reforms in the NATO alliance.

Read more details on Reuters.

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