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Protecode Launches Software Lifecycle IP Management

Open Source Adoption enables workflow for the safe and efficient adoption of open source and other third party software in small and midsize organizations
Ottawa, ON " September 1, 2009 " Protecode Inc. today launched its scalable portfolio of Software Lifecycle IP Management solutions, enabling safe and efficient adoption of open source and other 3rd party software for small, medium and large organizations. These solutions implement an open source adoption workflow consisting of a 5 stage process that gives developers forward freedom in selecting best open source solutions. Protecode's Open Source Adoption workflow process employs real-time techniques for checking legal obligations. It does not require any special training of software developers and does not disturb the existing development process. "Managing and safeguarding intellectual property and copyright obligations has become a mandatory task in software development due to the intensive use of open source and outsourcing," said Robin Bloor, Partner, Hurwitz & Associates and Founder of Bloor Research. "While large corporations could avail of first generation tools for managed adoption of open source software, small and mid-sized companies could not afford automatic processes and had to rely on 'trust and luck' or the training of software developers on complex matters of licensing obligations. This is changing with the advent of 3rd generation products now coming to market." "Intense R&D efforts have enabled Protecode to bring its portfolio of Software Lifecycle IP Management tools to a level of simplicity, scalability and performance that makes them affordable for even very small software organizations," said Mahshad Koohgoli, CEO of Protecode. "Now, all software organizations, independent of size and location, can take advantage of open source software to accelerate their development, reduce their costs, and remain confident that all licensing and copyright obligations are understood and adhered to." Protecode's Open Source Adoption workflow and Software Lifecycle IP Management solutions are easy to adopt, install and use. They are suited to single site or multisite teams, with software pedigree information accessable to authorized users across the entire organization. The five stage Open Source Adoption process and corresponding tools are: