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Prolexic Enhances Portal to Provide Customers With More Insight Into DDoS Threats And Mitigation

Prolexic Portal provides customers with greater visibility and insight into Prolexic’s monitoring and cloud-based mitigation services
HOLLYWOOD, FL – (January 19, 2011) – Prolexic Technologies, the global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services, today announced it has launched an enhanced Prolexic Portal, an online resource that provides customers with greater visibility and insight into Prolexic’s monitoring and cloud-based mitigation services.

“The Prolexic Portal opens the door to a robust view of reports, graphs, alerts, and statistics that give our customers more insight into DDoS threats on their network and how we mitigate them,” said Paul Sop, chief technology officer at Prolexic. “Most importantly, the Portal helps us work with our clients in a closer and more coordinated manner.”

A key highlight of the Prolexic Portal is the Flow Based Attack Monitor that provides subscribers to the optional service with a “customer view” of traffic that passes through their routers. Updated every five minutes, the Flow Based Attack Monitor includes access to all DDoS alerts and traffic profiles.

In addition, Prolexic customers can view Network Flow Based Alerts for all DDoS events detected on traffic traversing the customer’s network. Clients can also view bandwidth graphs, which illustrate the volume of clean bandwidth that traverses their network. This is updated in five-minute intervals and the bandwidth volume can be viewed in time-selectable intervals. Reports, including Prolexic DDoS mitigation reports, customer site traffic profiles, alerts, and DDoS attack statistics can also be accessed through the Portal.

The Prolexic Portal also gives customers a robust set of account management tools to help them save time and gain greater efficiency. Additionally, all Prolexic customers have access to an in-depth document library within the Portal that contains standard service documents such as current provisioning documents, service descriptions and web optimization guides. Customers can also obtain fast and secure access to Prolexic’s 24/7, 365-day support team consisting of the world’s most highly trained DDoS mitigation technicians based at the company’s Security Operations Center.

“The Prolexic Portal is another important way that we can help our customers minimize the disruption and financial impact of DDoS attacks, while illustrating the value that Prolexic provides,” Sop said. “This latest enhancement and new features are customer-driven and so far, feedback has been very positive.”

Key Features

Password protected and only accessible to Prolexic customers, the Portal features a full complement of monitoring statistics, reports, and alerts, including:

Flow Based Attack Monitor – Available to customers who subscribe to Prolexic’s Flow Based Monitoring service.

Reports – Quick access to traffic profiles, alerts and DDoS attack statistics.

Bandwidth graphs – Illustrates the volume of clean bandwidth that traverses the customer’s network.

Network Flow Based Alerts – Tied to action items and customer contact within a time-to-notify service level agreement.

Proxy statistics – Provides easy access to statistics related to proxy traffic that traverses through the customer’s network, including unique visitors, cache properties and URL and host requests.

HTTP statistics – Proxy customers can access statistical information related to inbound requests for all traffic passing through the customers network.

Attack statistics – All Prolexic customers have access to post-mortem attack event statistics, which are summarized by attack size, duration, and type.

Ticket Listing – All Prolexic customers can easily create and view service tickets.

About Prolexic

Prolexic is the world’s largest, most trusted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation provider. Able to absorb the largest and most complex attacks ever launched, Prolexic restores mission critical Internet facing infrastructures for global enterprises and government agencies within minutes. Six of the world’s ten largest banks and the leading companies in e-Commerce, SaaS, payment processing, travel/hospitality, gaming and other at-risk industries rely on Prolexic to protect their businesses. Founded in 2003 as the world’s first “in the cloud” DDoS mitigation platform, Prolexic is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida and has scrubbing centers located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit