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New Osirium Solution Can Manage Many Different Security Devices

Osirium acts as a management access portal for all roles of admin users requiring secure, authenticated access to critical devices within the management environment
Reading, Berkshire " November 16, 2009: Osirium, a new and unique IT security solution was today announced by ex-MIMEsweeper co-founder and industry expert David Guyatt. Osirium ( brings together new and established security technologies in a management portal which delivers greatly increased security alongside massive productivity gains.

Guyatt, CEO at Osirium, explains: "Most companies select 'best-of-breed' deployment strategies when choosing their critical IT security devices - which makes good sense from a performance perspective. However, each device has different access security policies as well as configuration and management controls and, as a result, policy-based change management and compliance across such a broad asset base of different IT security devices is both costly, insecure and exposes companies to undue risk."

Unlike many security solutions, Osirium is uniquely positioned to provide secure and central management of critical security devices whilst at the same time greatly reducing operational risk and cost. It does this by adding security and auditing change controls whilst automating many of the day-to-day system administrator tasks without disrupting established IT practices.

"The IT Security system administration environment is both pressured and fast moving so security procedures are often side-stepped or ignored in order to get the job done as quickly as possible. Osirium ensures that all such system administration changes continue to be performed as efficiently as before but by using strong authentication and audited processes to authorise and track system changes. Security risks and management costs are also then significantly reduced," added Guyatt.

Although Osirium is still in beta testing, corporate users are already seeing the benefits that Osirium brings:

-- Security " two factor authentication and single sign-on ensure secure password management preventing Privilege Credential Leakage -- Productivity " device knowledge templates provide massive time savings for all the day-to-day sysadmins tasks -- Efficiency " Osirium delivers increased ROI as the number of IT security devices and the size of sysadmin teams increase * Visibility " the real-time state of devices/sysadmins are presented and alerted through Osirium's dashboard * Ownership " Osirium clarifies management accountability because it's easy to see where problems lie -- Risk " all role-based sysadmin management activities are recorded and auditable -- 'No-touch' deployment " Osirium can be installed and configured with minimal disruption to existing systems and practices

Osirium acts as a management access portal for all roles of admin users requiring secure, authenticated access to critical devices within the management environment. "It provides immediate ROI by reducing the management time spent accessing and managing IT security devices and can also eliminate credential leakage of system administration staff by providing central and secure management of both permanent and transitory staff credentials, with full auditing of all system based activities," Guyatt concluded.

Osirium is also offered with a 'Golden Hour 'deployment promise. It fits into virtually any network environment with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure whilst the on-board knowledge templates contain the know-how for all system administration tasks on each security device, defining the tasks to be done and automating them to eliminate errors and improve reliability. This consistent and error free methodology not only allows Osirium to seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure but it also enables existing system capabilities to be extended as the infrastructure grows.

About Osirium Where there are many different types of IT security devices and a System Administration team needing a quick and secure way of implementing system changes Osirium will immediately reduce your IT operating costs, audit changes, and ensure system compliance. Osirium is a unique IT Security product that brings together established and proven technologies to provide a central system administration portal that reduces operational risk and costs by adding security, auditing change and simplifying administration tasks without disrupting established practices.

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