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Lieberman Software Partners With Q1 Labs

Certification allows Lieberman Software to integrate with Q1 Labs' open security intelligence protocols
(LOS ANGELES, CA – February 1, 2011) Organizations seeking to eliminate the potential for anonymous employee access to sensitive data are extending their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms through the addition of privileged identity management (PIM) solutions. The combined technologies provide enterprises with enhanced monitoring, visibility and management of the powerful privileged accounts that allow unaudited access to nearly every system, business application, database, Web service and network appliance throughout large organizations.

To help customers accomplish these objectives Lieberman Software Corporation, the Pioneers of Privileged Identity ManagementSM, has been certified by Q1 Labs for its Security Intelligence Partner Program. The certification allows Lieberman Software to integrate with Q1 Labs’ open security intelligence protocols – LEEF and AXIS - to identify security threats and anomalies.

Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), Lieberman Software’s flagship PIM solution, automates the tasks to locate, inventory, organize and manage the thousands of privileged account passwords dispersed throughout large enterprise environments. ERPM works with Q1 Labs’ QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to correlate security and event data and provide oversight control of elevated privileged accounts.

With this new integration all ERPM password check-out/check-in and credentials changes are visible in Q1 Labs’ QRadar, as are successful and failed password verifications. Q1 Labs’ QRadar SIEM tracks and correlates all privileged account activities, letting users monitor and respond to issues from within the QRadar Security Intelligence Operating System interface. Customers benefit from being able to accurately observe all actions taken by privileged users and can provide this information to security auditors in the form of detailed, customizable reports created with a few mouse clicks.

“This integration is closing the loop on event management by providing visibility into the real-time ownership and delegated access to sensitive accounts that appear in Q1Labs’ gathered events,” said Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software. “With this 360 degree view of security events Lieberman Software and Q1 Labs can show not only what is happening, but also who is behind the activity – effectively ending anonymous access to privileged accounts.”

SIEM-PIM: Why It’s Important

SIEM software collects and correlates log information from systems to track intrusion detection, normal and abnormal job operations, credentials abuse and other security events. Almost any system or application activity, success or failure can generate messages for the SIEM system. SIEM actions can trigger email, text message, trouble ticket and other human notifications. Or they can generate application-oriented actions like stopping jobs, restarting systems, blocking IP addresses and other IT operations that can typically be scripted.

PIM solutions manage the accounts that allow privileged access in the network. Privileged accounts hold elevated permission to access files, install and run programs, and change configuration settings. They exist on virtually every IT resource in the organization. Organizations that do not manage their privileged accounts risk having unauthorized users or malicious programs compromise just one password and gain unrestricted access to sensitive data on the network.

Lieberman Software’s ERPM is the first product in the PIM field capable of automatically discovering, strengthening, monitoring and recovering all of the privileged passwords in the cross-platform enterprise. When paired with Q1 Labs the solution provides unparalleled insight into non-interactive use of privileged identities.

“With more than a decade of experience in the security industry, Lieberman Software’s commitment to providing a truly secure password management solution made it a perfect fit for the Security Intelligence Partner Program,” Tom Turner, senior vice president of marketing and channels for Q1 Labs. “Lieberman Software has taken the next step in achieving its mission of building the privileged account password management space, ensuring its place in the intelligent security infrastructure.”

The ERPM-Q1 Labs integrated solution is available now. For more information see

About Lieberman Software Corporation

Lieberman Software provides privileged identity management and security management solutions that protect the multi-platform enterprise. By automating time-intensive IT administration tasks, Lieberman Software increases control over the computing infrastructure, reduces security vulnerabilities, improves productivity and helps ensure regulatory compliance. As Pioneers of Privileged Identity ManagementSM Lieberman Software not only developed the first software solution to address this need, its products continue to lead the market in features and functionality. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with an office in Austin, TX. For more information, see

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