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Lieberman Awarded Patent For Access Control Technology

Cratering identifies and blocks malicious software from executing on client systems
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2009 -- Lieberman Software today announced the 10th anniversary of User Manager Pro and a newly awarded patent for the innovative Cratering functionality in its current release.

User Manager Pro is the flagship product in the company's User Manager Pro Suite, a powerful and comprehensive security management solution for Windows servers and workstations. This product suite can modify groups, users, passwords, registry settings, policies, audit settings, and rights on all systems simultaneously, while also providing real-time, interactive reports for the system data it collects.

The recently patented Access Control List (ACL) management technology in User Manager Pro, called Cratering, identifies and blocks malicious software from executing on client systems to render it harmless and prevent propagation throughout the enterprise. Cratering removes the existing permissions on the malicious file and replaces them with a single ACL "Deny" entry that locks out all access, including the operating system. With Cratering, the virus is unable to start and a new infection does not take hold since the disabled virus file cannot be overwritten.

"Customers and prospects from the IT administrator up to the CTO level tell us they are looking for ways to improve system reliability and reduce the time spent on tedious, error-prone systems management tasks," said Philip Lieberman, founder and CEO of Lieberman Software. "For ten years now, our enterprise customers have relied on User Manager Pro to efficiently manage the daily operations of the IT infrastructure, minimize the threat of security breaches in the network and rapidly resolve system problems as they arise."

User Manager Pro customers use the product to perform essential security management tasks in the Windows enterprise. User Manager Pro helps organization in all major vertical markets locate and remove rogue users, groups, and group memberships, change administrator passwords, discover and remove unauthorized shares, determine who is in the administrator group, find stale user accounts and, with Cratering, mediate virus infections " including zero-day infections that bypass conventional antivirus solutions.

User Manager Pro Suite consists of five products:

* User Manager Pro " allows IT administrators to make changes to, and report on, the configuration settings of multiple servers and workstations simultaneously. Users, groups, event logs, shares, files, folders, permissions, patches, service packs, registries, audit settings, rights, and trusts can all be viewed and modified as a set across the enterprise.

* Random Password Generator " changes administrator passwords on each machine, preventing unauthorized users from gaining peer-level access throughout the network.

* Password Recovery Console " lets users retrieve current local administrator passwords via any web browser whenever systems administration tasks need to be performed. An audit trail of all password recoveries is maintained.

* NTFS Permissions Reporting " provides a comprehensive view into which accounts have access to which files and folders for every server and workstation in the network. Once it's determined what information particular groups or users can view, permissions can be edited to establish proper access.

* Web Reporting " allows delegated users to view real-time system configuration reports through an audited web interface. Information is stored into an organization's existing SQL Server or MSDE database, and all logons, logoffs, and report retrievals are audited.

"While User Manager Pro has changed considerably over 10 years, its fundamental value remains the same," added Lieberman. "Organizations continue to turn to Lieberman Software for their privileged identity and security management needs as we adapt to evolving threats and environments."


User Manager Pro Suite is available now; visit or call 1-800-829-6263 for more information or a product demonstration.

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