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Intellitactics Releases ClientVue MSSP

ClientVue dashboard enables managed security service providers to provide clients with controlled access to information about their security infrastructure
Reston, VA, June 2, 2009— Intellitactics, a leading provider of appliances and software for enterprise security management, announced Intellitactics ClientVue designed for managed security service providers (MSSPs) to improve customer satisfaction and increase management effectiveness. ClientVue is a powerful dashboard that enables the MSSP to provide Clients with controlled access to information about their security infrastructure. ClientVue is powered by Intellitactics multi-dimensional Security Data Warehouse (SDW) that stores logs, events, alerts and their summaries for the Intellitactics SIEMs: Intellitactics Security Manager and Intellitactics SAFE. ClientVue also imports and displays information from external repositories like ticketing systems and RSS feeds from popular security blogs and news on security threat and known vulnerabilities.

With ClientVue, service providers can offer their Clients a window into the security operations center and simplify the dialogue between the Client and the MSSP during the critical minutes of incident response.

Intellitactics SIEM solutions are used by many Tier 1 MSSPs around the world. These MSSPs provide services to thousands of companies and government agencies that choose managed services for log management, event management and a variety of other services. The ClientVue dashboard displays dynamic reports enabling MSSPs to strengthen relationships with their Clients while reducing the overhead associated with answering frequent inquiries. MSSPs can integrate ClientVue into their existing portal solution, for both authentication and visual presentation; providing a unified integrated view to their Clients. Once authenticated to the portal, the Client can view the predefined and ad-hoc reports on their data.

Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow in the IT Security practice at Aberdeen Group, explains that companies choosing MSSPs are still accountable for compliance when they outsource the functions of collecting and managing logs. "MSSP customers need to understand what the service provider is doing, and have evidence that they acted in accordance with their service level agreements. Our recent research in this area showed that 82% of Best-in-Class companies have processes in place to measure compliance with SLAs, compared to just 20% of Laggards. Companies are still expected to exercise due care in ensuring that their service provider is collecting the data they need, complying with established standards and policies, and fulfilling the terms of the service level agreement."

Use of a portal or dashboard as part of establishing such a level of assurance is also highly correlated with Best-in-Class performance, Brink notes: "Aberdeen's research has shown that the companies with the best results are 9-times more likely to use a dashboard, such as ClientVue, that provides detailed status and management functions for their managed security services."

Pam Casale, Chief Marketing Officer Intellitactics describes the win win for MSSPs and their Clients: "MSSPs can automate the process for providing frequent updates and status reports. Clients see that the logs are collected, that the service provider is checking on password use, that privileged users aren't abusing access and that their anti-virus tools are working. ClientVue is the perfect window into the MSSP's world."

About Intellitactics, Inc. Headquartered in Reston, VA, Intellitactics provides a suite of security incident and event management (SIEM) products for organizations of all sizes. Well-known as the provider of Intellitactics Security Manager, the optimal enterprise security management software solution for large companies with complex requirements, Intellitactics now offers mid market organizations a line of security management appliances called Intellitactics SAFE. These products, used stand alone or in combination, provide unparalleled capability for compliance reporting, log management and threat management. Global organizations, multi-site companies or MSSPs can effectively distribute capabilities while providing centralized control of the security infrastructure. Intellitactics SAFE won the Best Security Management Award Europe 2009. Intellitactics was the first SIEM vendor to be awarded Common Criteria Certification as a security information and event management solution. Founded in 1996, Intellitactics is backed by JMI Equity Fund LP and Lazard Technology Partners and is ranked by well-known industry analysts as a market leader known for product development, delivery and thought leadership. Visit us at

Contact: Pamela Casale [email protected]

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