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Ensygnia Introduces On-Demand End-Point Security

Appointed first global master distributor for Azuan Technologies New offer supports patented QR Code authentication process
Fast moving UK-based Internet security specialists Ensygnia confirmed today that it had been appointed as the first global master distributor for South American on-demand end-point security company Azuan Technologies.

The announcement follows last month’s entry into the market by Ensygnia after the grant of the UK patent for its OneScan service – a series of Internet authentication and transaction applications built on Ensygnia’s encrypted QR Code (eQR) platform.

The agreement with Azuan will see Ensygnia bring to the European and global marketplace, Azuan’s already proven end-point security and isolated browser technology. Unlike other end-point systems, Azuan’s on-demand approach requires no software installation and can be applied to any desktop, laptop or tablet pc.

In South America, Azuan is working with leading regional banks, authorities and businesses delivering secure, protected remote access to highly sensitive and confidential personal and commercial information and networks.

Announcing the agreement, Richard H Harris, Founder and CEO of Ensygnia said: “Azuan has already proven the strength of its technology solutions in the banking and financial services industry in South America. We are not only going to drive Azuan’s international expansion, we will also work with them to integrate our patented OneScan service into the solution portfolio to create a world class Internet security suite of tools.”

Under the Ensygnia Trust brand, the company will market a range of Azuan services built on its core, on-demand, “hardened browser” which can create an isolated secure session on any desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet pc providing protection from man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks.

In addition to isolating the user’s session from the pc operating system, the Azuan solutions can use a virtual, on-screen keyboard which disables the physical keyboard and prevents identity theft through techniques such as keystroke logging.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ensygnia will initially provide the on-demand endpoint solutions to corporations and commercial companies looking to improve the security of communications between central servers and their users or customers.

The company also plans to be able to deliver the on-demand secure computing sessions via its patented OneScan eQR system to registered consumers regardless of the service being accessed or the terminal being used.

Ensygnia Founder and CTO Matt Deacon said: “With Ensygnia Trust we can create isolated sessions on virtually device that will protect users and networks against fraudulent attacks and interception and provide an increased level of security that extends far beyond simple anti-virus and spyware protection.

“As corporations move to the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ model for VPN access and consumers access valuable, sensitive and personal information from homes, offices, and Internet cafes, the ability to create a protected session on almost any device will become an essential part of the way we access the Internet,” added Deacon.

Harris and Deacon formed Ensygnia in 2011 and have strong backgrounds in Internet Security, online fraud prevention and identity management with companies including Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Swivel Secure, Clearswift, Tumbleweed and Mobix. Amanda Mesler, CEO of Logica Consulting in the UK and Andrew Nash, Head of Identity Management for Google are also on the Ensygnia main board.

Ensygnia also confirmed that it was already in advanced dialogue with a number of major international distributors, retailers, companies, and financial institutions and expected to announce its first customers and partners for Ensygnia Trust and OneScan in the coming weeks and months.

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