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DataInherit Launches A Free High Security Online Password Safe

New cloud computing services aimed at password and document storage
The world's leading data safe with built-in inheritance, DataInherit, announced today the launch of two new high security password safes. The new cloud computing services, Password Safe Free and Password Safe Premium are available through and provide users with the highest level of security for password and document storage.

Password Safe Free enables customers to store up to 50 passwords and includes 10MB for documents. This service is the only free password safe on the market with a data inheritance option. Users can assign multiple beneficiaries to their data ensuring 100% protection and peace of mind. For ease of use, existing password lists can be uploaded directly from a PC and, as the service is online, data never needs to be synchronised between different computers. Alternatively, customers can choose to register for Password Safe Premium at just 1 EUR per month. This service has all the features of Password Safe Free, but with unlimited passwords storage, 100MB for important document storage and even SMS authentication (mTAN).

DataInherit will also be launching a free iPhone App for its Password Safe service next month that will enable even greater portability and accessibility for users on the go.

"There is a growing need for secure password safes and data storage protection services. With our existing security technology, we have created these new services to meet the needs of this growing trend and provide more choices to our customers. With Password Safe Free users have access to a storage facility developed by Swiss banking security experts. Located in the Cloud, the Password Safe services offer additional protection from malware, trojans, force majeur and other potential threats," explained Andreas Jacob, Director of Customer Service at DSwiss.

As with its data safe services, Password Safe customers have their information fully encrypted so that it is impossible for anyone (even the service provider) to access the data. Accounts can be opened at in less than a minute.

All DataInherit data safes have built-in inheritance technology that enables customers to store their 'digital life' and ensure its security now and in the future. Users assign beneficiaries to individual data assets and DataInherit carries out the data inheritance process as specified by the customer including the notification of beneficiaries. DataInherit has also recently increased storage space to 10GB for Silver Safe accounts and 25GB for Gold Safe accounts.

About DataInherit

DataInherit is the leading Internet data safe from Swiss banking security specialists, DSwiss. The high security online data storage service with a built-in data inheritance feature provides users with a safe repository for important digital assets with the option to assign beneficiaries to items to ensure their accessibility by family and loved ones in the event of death or incapacity.

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